Monday, August 29, 2011

Let's talk business.

Whilst I pretty much wear whatever I want, considering the nature of my job now; I do need to tailor my outfits according to the occasion.

This is what I wore for a business meeting:

You may recognize part of this outfit from my Samsung Galaxy Tab post here. Which, by the way, I am totally loving!

I am kind of emo-ing about the pants-- I got it one size too big, and it looks like a tent on me. Woe is me.

And it's kind of nice to be using my Louis Vuitton Alma recently again! It's actually my graduation present from my parents, but has been shelved for quite awhile because it didn't really go with my daily outfits. But I recently realized that it's such a classic bag that it actually does pull together a lot of outfits! Plus, it's a great bag to bring for business events.

Crotchet lace cropped top: Holiday in Bangkok
Belted tapered pants: Korea
Stone enamel bangle: Gifted
Sand-colored leather heels: Wittner, Australia
Bag: Louis Vuitton Alma

One more sleep till I am home! Oh, I can't wait. First thing I am gonna do is to arrange for a manicure appointment. My nails are chipped, cracked and broken. No, fashion is not glamorous. I would like a massage too, but I got my period, dang. Thirdly, a hair revamp! I caught myself in the mirror yesterday and decided that I hate my hair.

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vr said...

Um this may seem like a stupid question, but why can't you go for a massage if you're on your period? /confused

Anonymous said...

Super super super gorgeous!!!!
love the outfit!!!!
wahhhh u r still in korea?
that's a really long trip!!!!!
YES YES YES!!! You need all the pedi mani and hair and massage and all!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!! new hairdo!!! hope you have the time for them! hehe

mustardqueen said...

PEDICURE SESH PLEASE!? My toes need some help too much dead skin D: And yes I need to do something with my hair too -_-

revel in me said...

vr: Because at my spa place, you have to wear paper G-string for the massage WTF. I am also quite uncomfortable with wearing my pad + undies and let the masseuse massage me... I have also heard that during your period, it's best not to go for massages, especially around the abdomen area, because it will be bloated/sore!

anonymous: Ya, damn long right my trip. T__T So happy to be home now though! <3 and spot on, I don't think I have enough time for all those.. T_T

mustardqueen: Let's start making appointments!

xiang yun said...

I think that although your pants are one size bigger, you owned this look! and it doesn't look bad when photographed, so izz ok! :D

revel in me said...

xiang yun: Aww, thanks! But I couldn't help feeling I have a big FUPA (google man repeller, and you'll know what I mean), haha

elaineC said...

Wen may I know what camera were u using to snap these pictures? Let me know plssssss:D shopping for camera :)