Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Virus taking over my life.

My laptop crashed again.


My BRAND NEW laptop.


It got taken over by some rogue anti-virus program (people, if you ever see an antivirus program called Security Protection warning you that you have a gazillion viruses on your computer, DO NOT BE CHEATED), which just keeps telling me that I have to purchase the antivirus program-- and it stops me from opening any form of executable programs including Mozilla Firefox/ Internet Explorer and even Task Manager.

My computer is my lifeline. If my computer doesn't work, how am I going to work!!????

Anyway, long story cut short, I reformatted my laptop today, and everything is reset to factory settings. Le sigh.

By the way, besides my laptop, I also kena virus.
Having a flu today. Meh.

Am not in a mood to blog properly, but I am going to be kind and let you guys have something fun to read!

I am really, really happy to find this amazing contributor for AZORIAS-- I've admired her writing for many many years, and to be able to work with her on writing projects now is just really awesome. She currently works in one of the biggest publications in the nation, and has a super jam-packed schedule-- but yet she is willing to contribute to us. :')

Read her sassy Sex in the City Office-esque article HERE.

And give her some love if you like the article! She is currently going under a pseudonym, but if everything works out, we would love to have her write for us regularly! :D We also have a couple of awesome articles lined up for Style Advisor and our Blog... ;)

By the way, if you have a flair of writing, and is interested in the topic of women (fashion, lifestyle, career, and anything that concerns women), please email us at info[at]azorias.com-- WE WANT YOU!

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skim said...

get a mac! never deal with viruses again! ask ting she'll tell you haha. getting a mac will change your lifeeeee