Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The zero-style outfit.

This is such a cliched line, but I feel like such a bad blogger! Blogging is seriously the last thing on my mind most of the time, and other than sponsored posts which come with a deadline, I find it really difficult to take time out to blog. It's just that there seems to be constantly an avalanche of work, and I'm trying to cope with it.

Actually, I not only feel like a bad blogger, I feel like a really bad friend too. :( My best friend messaged me that she needs drinks + advise, and I had to tell her, "sorry babe, I've new arrivals at the store tomorrow, another day can ar?" Another one of my best friends is seeing a new guy who is finally treating her right, and she wants someone to dissect with her every single line he muttered during their dates-- and I'm like "dear, I am busy now, call me later, okay?"

Gosh, typing this out is already making me feel worse.

Anyway, I am having some people to help me out soon at AZORIAS! Really excited, but more on that another time. ;)

For now, I am going to blog about one of those simple evenings that made me smile...

.... because it involves food wtf.

Purposeful at a Ramadhan bazaar!

All ketiaks will be censored wtf.

New flats! Nice or not!
I've bought tonnes of them recently-- due to this paranoia that my knees are giving away wtf. I am planning to do a shopping post on them soon! :P

Supposedly artistic shot, but actually I just wanted to show you how much I can eat.

The boy: Why are your pants so furry!
Me: -___-

Frayed, baby, FRAYED.

The title of this post is as such because this is like the most 'whatever' outfit that I threw on in less than a minute!

Dusk pink silk tank: Bysi, Singapore
Black ripped shorts: Holiday in Bangkok
Gold elephant beaded necklace: F21
Beaded flats: Topshop
Bag: Miu Miu

Anyway, I have been feeling really unfit lately because I haven't been to the gym since a month before AZORIAS launched. Which has been.. at least 3 months. -__- And I have been eating a lot! But I was checking myself out in the mirror after dinner, and I realised that despite my self-indulgent lifestyle, I was actually... okay-looking! At least I am not a lump of blubber wtf.

So I squeezed my biceps and asked the boyfriend, "For someone who eats as much as I do, I am pretty thin right!"
He didn't even look up (he was shopping online for dress shirts -________-) and answered absent-mindedly, "mmffff, yea". FML.

But anyway, that's no excuse for not exercising! Time to get fit.
Also, I am supposed to go to Port Dickson this weekend. Get bikini-ready in 5 days? Hah! I will let you know how that goes.


Remember to check out the AZORIAS x Tongue in Chic giveaway!

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All the entries are really fun and creative, it's really a pleasure to read through! :P

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Anonymous said...

I give you a topic to blog in case you need help blog about BF :)

Anonymous said...

haha i agree with u anon 1 :)

Eve said...

loving the sandal and time to debut "the boy" ^^

L said...

i think you are getting skinnier actually. like for real, not ass-kissing.

Kim L said...

I agree with L. I think you lost weight again! take it easy on the workload k?

looking at your pics.. I am craving for Malaysian food now!!! :(

and woohoo! new boy! ;)


accidental encounters

{erisha} said...

ramadhan bazaar!!! now i'm hungry XP

Jing said...


Forced Jon to look around for me, i definitely have been keeping him busy! T_T

Fedex some please thanks nuff you! <3

revel in me said...

anonymous 1 and 2 + eve: He is shy! :P

eve: NICE right! I am trying to buy super nice sandals to encourage myself to wear flats more often...

L: Haha not skinny! But not fat considering how much I eat. O_O

kimmy: I've been eating tonnes, but not really putting on weight' maybe you're right, it's due to workload + stress! :/

erisha: I am sorry. T_T

jing: Eh now that you mention it, I couldn't find keropok leko at the bazaar! Or murtabak maggi. T__T

xiang yun said...

Murtabak maggi?! omg why is KL ramadhan bazaars way cooler than JB ones!! I missed you (on your blog) wtf

mizzvickz said...

congrats! :D

Joshua said...

I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had massive massive massive cravings for fierce Malay food including ayam percik last weekend.

Took a 40min tram ride and 10 minute cab ride to a pasar Ramadhan at Malaysian Hall in Melbourne, only to find that the food sold out -.-



ally said...

At least ur boyfriend will ask why furry. Mine will ask me to buy proper pants wtf

revel in me said...

xiang yun: Don't worry, KL ones not that cool after all, 'cause I CANNOT FIND MURTABAK MAGGI!! *grr* And aww, I promise to be back in the game! :P

mizzvickz: Haha, for what!

joshua: Haha, major FYL! As a matter of fact, I had really awesome ayam percik yesterday.... ;)

ally: Are you trying to tell me my pants are not proper!!??

j3nhow said...

love the flats!!!!!!

cool blog, enjoyed browsing it!

xoxo jenna

k said...

you're so brave haha i would never wear shorts and a tank top to a ramadhan market.

Anonymous said...

woot woot!!!!!
i miss the beach!!!!
ahhh the sea breeze, the sun, the smell of the sea!!!!
the wind blowing against your face!!!
you going against the current!!! speeding on the scooter boat? (not sure what's it called)!!!!
i clearly love the beach!!!!!!

i'm sure you will look superbbbbbb in bikini as alwaysssssss!!! can't wait!!!!!!

you deserve the holssss!!!!!
have tonz and tonz of fun!!!!!!

revel in me said...

the petite blogger: Thank you!

skim: Haha, impromptu trip!

anonymous: My PD weekend getaway is cancelled. T___________________T

Anonymous said...

I just realise someone is carrying the same Miu Miu bow bag with you in one of your pictures!

Anonymous said...

why pd got cancelled? sobbsssssss

revel in me said...

anonymous: Omg your eyes are sharp GILERRRR! I wouldn't have noticed it if not for you! :P

anonymous: 'Cause it's ghost festival this weekend, and my dad pantang to travel.. T_T

Anonymous said...

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