Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pleated leather.

I was really caught up with my work today when I received a call from a Singaporean number. Preoccupied, and also slightly suspicious, I answered the phone standoffishly.

Turns out the call is from a super chirpy lady from CPA Australia, telling me that I have won some sort of Excellence award! And that they are inviting me to the award in Singapore next week.

Unfortunately I can't make it to Singapore as I will be out of country again next week. But my ears perked up when the lady on the other end of the line mentioned something about "... cheque payable to you".

Woohoo, prize money! In SGD, no less. :P

Okay, that's all for my feel-good moment for the day.


Yesterday's outfit:

I've been lusting over a pleated leather skirt from ZARA last season, but I couldn't justify paying RM200++ for it. Hallelujah then that I found a similar one in Korea for less than half of the price!

Loving these minimalistic sandals I have on too! Been looking for something painfully simple like this.

Graphic tee/ Pleated leather skirt/ Silver ring/ Black velvet sandals/ Snake print leather clutch: Korea
Silver multilayer chain necklace: Teeny's
Gold ring: Bazaar

Yes, almost everything on me is from Korea. What is new.

When I was wearing this outfit, by some twist of fate, I met my boyfriend's mom and uncle. I was smacking my forehead inwardly because it is awkward to explain to your boyfriend's mom why you are wearing leather. If anyone asks, it is a highly shiny skirt, okay?


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Monday, September 26, 2011

Midi skirt.

I've seriously been wearing flats a lot nowadays. In fact, nowadays, I choose to buy flats over heels! which is why I bought 7 pair of flats from my recent trip to Korea

Tory Burch jelly flats, which I bought with the intention of them being travel-shoes. Waterproof shoes are a blessing for rainy seasons.

Since my dog was such a hit in the previous post, it shall make a cameo appearance today as well wtf.

Bag for the day. Actually, I use this bag almost everyday for work-- it's huge-ass so I can dump everything in (tablet, wallet, organizer, somedays even clothes) and goes with almost all outfits.

Coincidentally, all my accessories for the day are from F21.

Moosehead graphic tee: Chathchuchak market, Bangkok
Nude midi pleated skirt: Korea
All accessories: F21
Leopard print jelly flats: Tory Burch
Bag: Miu Miu


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Saturday, September 24, 2011

A & E ward.

I had a really dramatic evening last night.

It ended with me in the A&E ward-- just to sustain your interest first wtf.

Armed with my organizer and my tablet, I was all ready for a meeting for AZORIAS. While driving to the meeting place, I felt a slight itch on the lower lashline of my left eye. A mild irritation, but nothing that I gave much thought to. Within minutes, I developed a slight cough too, and but all I thought to myself was, shucks, don't tell me that I am going to fall sick, and pushed it out of my mind.

Upon reaching the meeting, the itch worsened. When I checked my reflection in my compact mirror, there was a small swell which I wrote off as an insect bite. But as the meeting went on, I found it harder and harder to concentrate as I could literally feel my eye swell up. The skin around felt tight and taut, and I was having trouble seeing already. Shoot, I knew it was an allergy then and there. I called up my dad, and he told me to KIV on my condition, and that if it worsen, I would have to go to the hospital. To control my condition, I popped an anti-histamine pill (I always carry such pills with me as I have a sinus problem). However, in another few minutes, even my other eyes started swelling. And that's when I panicked. I had an allergy attack when I was 10 years old, and I ended up in the hospital for 1 night, with my head swelled up like a pig head and having difficulties breathing (as the allergy caused my respiratory system to swell too). I called my dad, and he said, "Not good. Go home now, and I will bring you to the hospital".

I was sent home by my partner, and then fetched to the hospital by my dad. By the way, he told me in the car that he had a lot of wine to drink and that he might have difficult injecting me (he's a doctor for those of you who are uninformed). -____________- And he asked me to not be scared, I just need to turn my head away. -_______________-

Long story short, I was brought into the A & E ward (thanking my lucky stars that I didn't see any gory things in there), and a male nurse injected me (I got two jabs T_T). I am also under medication for the next 2 days to keep the allergens at bay. Medication that makes me very drowsy. :(

By the way, if you are wondering what I was allergic to, I don't know either. :/ I suspect it could be mentaiko as that was the last meal I had... But then again, I have had mentaiko before and was okay.

I told my friend about mentaiko and he was like, "what is that, it sounds like a Japanese porn star". -__________-


Ok on to happy outfit picture! Bright yellow to beat the Monday blues:

I allowed my dog in the picture as blonde goes with yellow wtf.

Using a colorful patwork vintage bag that I thrifted years ago.

Woven sandals.

Paper plane necklace!

Yellow embroidered dress with cutout hem: Random shop in Gold Coast, Australia
Gold paper plane necklace: Holiday in Bangkok
Rings: H&M/ Korea
Cream woven rattan flats: Topshop
Vintage multicolor patchwork bag: Thrifted

Speaking of Topshop, Topshop is running a new campaign launch its Autumn Winter 2011 collection and you can stand to win RM1000 worth of vouchers:

Topshop asked me what's the one fashion rule that I live by.

My answer is:

"Just have fun with it."

(cue paper plane necklaces. ;) )

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Friday, September 23, 2011

A practical outfit.

Today's post is going to be all about a practical and comfortable outfit! My version, of course.

I styled a photoshoot for AZORIAS recently, and as our shoots generally take 10 hours (straight), comfort was very high on my priority list!

Here's what I wore:

I wore sweat shorts! How much more comfortable can I get. :P

I've been on the lookout for a black backpack for ages, and finally fell in love with this one in Korea. Love the oversized grosgrain ribbon that adds an unexpected twist to the otherwise rugged knapsack!

I kept my accessories very fabric-friendly-- you may notice that they are all rounded/ elastic. Being surrounded by delicate materials all the time, I can't afford to accidentally have my jewelry snag the clothes!

Another recent Korea buy. That reminds me, I still owe you guys my haul video!

White tee: Holiday in Bangkok
Gray sweat shorts: Zara
Feather diamante necklace: Teeny's
Bracelets: Korea/ ASOS/ Oasis
Leopard print ponyhair loafers: Korea
Black leather backpack with oversized grosgrain ribbon: Korea

I found it slightly amusing that feathers are practical to me.

By the way, some of the photos from the photoshoot are up on AZORIAS-- do go check it out, and let me know what you think!

I feel so proud looking at-- everything looks fantastic, if I dare say myself. :')


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Monday, September 19, 2011

Pants-type of girl...

...I wasn't.

But now, I may be!

Previously, you might not even see two pants-outfit posts in a year, but now you see two consecutive ones wtf.
*click* for last pants/jeans outfit!

Blue shirt: Padini Authentics
Black jeans: some brand under Just Jeans, Australia
Leopard print silk scarf: Korea
Silver bead bracelet with turquoise stones: ASOS
Gold tassel bangle: House of Harlow
Suede peeptoe block heels with gold trimmings: Topshop

I think the shirt is more than 10 years old.

Busy week jam-packed with events, interviews and meetings! Already yearning for the weekend.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Vintage vest.

Before Chinese New Year early this year, my mom cleared her old working clothes and left tied up bags of tailored clothing outside her room. Eager for some 'thrifting' in the comforts of my own home, I brought all the bags into my room, and started some major rummaging. I used to watch my mom get ready for work, and sometimes she even lets me pick her outfit the day. Going through the clothes brought back so many memories! And the craziest thing is, I could actually remember most of the clothing.

And wow, women in the past wore really fancy and extravagant clothes to work! My mom had pearl encrusted blazers and loads of heavily embellished outerwear. They were brinking on gaudy, but I did find this beautiful vest (which I wore as a top below), and two pairs of amazing tailored wide-legged pants, Teeny found herself a sleek jacket which resembles a Stella McCartney SS11 one.

Here I wore the vest as a top with black ripped shorts. The vest features the prettiest rose buttons!

Decided to keep the color of the most of my accessories to the same (white) family:

From left to right: F21, Korea, Korea, Bangkok.

From left to right: Korea, F21.

Gold bar chain: Korea/ Silver toggle necklace: Tiffany & Co.

White vest with rose buttons: Vintage (my mom's)
Black ripped shorts: Holiday in Bangkok
Black lace pumps: Holiday in Zhuhai
Snake print envelope clutch: Korea

The snake print envelope clutch is actually my Galaxy Tab's case! Have been trying to looking a nice case, and this one fits the bill quite nicely. Best part is, it can double as a clutch too!

Too bad I don't have a proper picture of the rose buttons. But if you are interested to get a pretty top/ outerwear with similarly adorable buttons, there's one on AZORIAS:


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Friday, September 16, 2011

Red accents.

Going to office on a daily basis is strenuous for me (oh the jams!), but definitely good for all of you...

'Cause going to the office means dressing up daily = daily outfit pictures for you guys! ;)

Wearing some of my recent buys from ASOS.

Been wearing jeans quite often lately. This Wrangler pair was gifted to me when I styled the article here. :)

I think this is my new favorite ring.

Did you notice that my scarf is plaid on one side, and checkered on the other? ;)

White unfinished bias hem tank: Far East Plaza, Singapore
Jeans: Wrangler
Red plaid scarf: Cotton On
Red chainlink leather bracelet: Korea
Silver tassel cuff: Oasis
Gold studded bangles: F21
Gold strap bracelet with rose quartz: ASOS
Gold cross ring: Maria Francesca
Dip-dyed pointed booties: Giuseppe Zanotti

By the way, I am thinking of doing a shopping haul video of my buys from Korea recently. No clothes though, 'cause too many wtf. Mainly accessories and shoes. Aye or nay?

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