Saturday, September 10, 2011

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It's kind of weird how my week started on such a high, and ended on such a low today (Saturday = end of week).
Nothing turned out the way it was supposed to today, but we made the best we could.
And sometimes that's the most important right?


Was feeling really uninspired last night, when my mom suddenly presented me with my ASOS package. Finally it has arrived! After more than 3 weeks, I might add.

What did I buy?

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Yes, a full box of accessories, that's what I got . Strangely enough, after I opened each and every bag of accessory, I felt galvanised with inspiration. Guess accessories and jewelry will always be one of my biggest loves.


My biggest challenge for next week (and the weeks after that)-- sleep early.


An outfit from last week, gallivanting looking for food.

Black bias hem sweater top: Korea
Chiffon floral highwaist shorts: Korea
'huiwen' name pendant necklace: Gifted
Lilac bow bracelet: Gifted
Ribbon chain link bracelet: Korea
Stone rings: Korea
Black ballet flats with ribbon-ties: Topshop
Pale pink studded sling bag: Sportsgirl, Australia

Wearing the same 'ballet' shoes as here, but decided to go for a different look by tying the straps differently-- I was feeling ankle straps that day.

PS: I wish I am at New York Fashion Week now.

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Kim L said...

I wish too!!
Share your accessories buys please :)
accidental encounters

Anonymous said...

It took ASOS three weeks to arrive?? I am just super shocked as it always reach me within 10days max.

revel in me said...

kim: Yep, I can't wait to wear them. :P

anonymous! Ya, the estimated delivery date is 29 Aug, but I only received my order yesterday. :(

Anonymous said...

loving all your arm accessoriesssss!!!
super super super prettyyyyyyyy!!!!
wanna get the rings and also that ribbon bracelet!!!!! hahaha
and your ballet shoessss!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Did you write a complaint email to them between those periods? My orders have been a month but I have not received my items yet! I'm very worried.

revel in me said...

anonymous: I LOVE THE RINGS!! Especially these unfinished moonstone one, maybe I should take a better picture of it.. Not cheap though, each ring is about 14,000 won (about rm50++)! T_T

anonymous: Yea, I wrote to them via their contact form, but I only got a generic reply asking me to give it another 9 working days. Shortly after that, my package arrive though. Good luck with yours! :)

White Circus said...
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The Faux Fashionista said...

Random but kind of related comment. I was reading some fashion blogs thinking to myself that I MUST BUY MORE ACCESSORIES to dress up my wardrobe, and two seconds later I am reading your blog. I wonder why :D