Sunday, September 18, 2011

Vintage vest.

Before Chinese New Year early this year, my mom cleared her old working clothes and left tied up bags of tailored clothing outside her room. Eager for some 'thrifting' in the comforts of my own home, I brought all the bags into my room, and started some major rummaging. I used to watch my mom get ready for work, and sometimes she even lets me pick her outfit the day. Going through the clothes brought back so many memories! And the craziest thing is, I could actually remember most of the clothing.

And wow, women in the past wore really fancy and extravagant clothes to work! My mom had pearl encrusted blazers and loads of heavily embellished outerwear. They were brinking on gaudy, but I did find this beautiful vest (which I wore as a top below), and two pairs of amazing tailored wide-legged pants, Teeny found herself a sleek jacket which resembles a Stella McCartney SS11 one.

Here I wore the vest as a top with black ripped shorts. The vest features the prettiest rose buttons!

Decided to keep the color of the most of my accessories to the same (white) family:

From left to right: F21, Korea, Korea, Bangkok.

From left to right: Korea, F21.

Gold bar chain: Korea/ Silver toggle necklace: Tiffany & Co.

White vest with rose buttons: Vintage (my mom's)
Black ripped shorts: Holiday in Bangkok
Black lace pumps: Holiday in Zhuhai
Snake print envelope clutch: Korea

The snake print envelope clutch is actually my Galaxy Tab's case! Have been trying to looking a nice case, and this one fits the bill quite nicely. Best part is, it can double as a clutch too!

Too bad I don't have a proper picture of the rose buttons. But if you are interested to get a pretty top/ outerwear with similarly adorable buttons, there's one on AZORIAS:


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yishyene said...

From the first photo I thought you had a cool head accessory that looks like a flag!!!

Anonymous said...

u r brilliant!!!!!!
love love love the combination!!!!

Anonymous said...

i like the chain gold bar necklace! are you gonna stock it on azorias?

revel in me said...

Y: Haha, y'know what, right before I published this post, I looked at that photo and thought the exact same thing! :P

anonymous: Thank youuuu <3

anonymous: Thank you! AZORIAS is not stocking jewelry for the moment though, should it? :)

Anonymous said...

YES! please stock jewellery! and korean makeup too!

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I just love those accessories of yours. If you don't mind, are they made up of Gold? It's good to have Golds on our skin. They have therapeutic effects as well.

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Deandre Cavanaugh said...

I love you gold accessories. They look so hip yet so elegant. Gold really does blend well with any color. Amazing styling.

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