Monday, September 26, 2011

Midi skirt.

I've seriously been wearing flats a lot nowadays. In fact, nowadays, I choose to buy flats over heels! which is why I bought 7 pair of flats from my recent trip to Korea

Tory Burch jelly flats, which I bought with the intention of them being travel-shoes. Waterproof shoes are a blessing for rainy seasons.

Since my dog was such a hit in the previous post, it shall make a cameo appearance today as well wtf.

Bag for the day. Actually, I use this bag almost everyday for work-- it's huge-ass so I can dump everything in (tablet, wallet, organizer, somedays even clothes) and goes with almost all outfits.

Coincidentally, all my accessories for the day are from F21.

Moosehead graphic tee: Chathchuchak market, Bangkok
Nude midi pleated skirt: Korea
All accessories: F21
Leopard print jelly flats: Tory Burch
Bag: Miu Miu


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JolvLee said...

like waterproof shoes~
is so so so convenient ...

Kim L said...

lol @ your dog! pretty pretty skirt babe.

accidental encounters

ally said...

HAHA why you so kind to your dog. when sparky comes to kacau my pictures i shove him out with my toe WTF

Eve said...

effortless comfy nice! your doggie also like to take photos..ahha

foodie said...

Love the flats, the bag, the skirt and basically everything else! You look great of course. xx

fourfeetnine said...

i jelly (geddit wtf) cos you can pull of midi skirts! when i wear i look like an old biddy

revel in me said...

joli3: Ya! I never realised it until I was in a country which rained everyday.. T_T

kim: Thank you darling! <3 (from me and my dog wtf)

ally: Haha, I have a soft spot for this dog! It's like a dumb blonde or something WTF

eve: Thank you dear! I think it was just sniffing for food. T_T

sparks in spring: Aww, thank you dear! <3

La Petite Cherie ♡ said...

Gorgeous! Can't believe such pretty pair of flats can be so practical and comfy, great choice <3

xiang yun said...

Absolutely love that bag!! so jealous warghhh

revel in me said...

la petite cherie: Thank you love! Actually when I bought it I wasn't sure it's a good decision ('cause I generally don't favor logo-ed items/ items with a very brand indicator-- in this case, the Tory Burch buckle), but I went ahead 'cause it was 50% off, nyehehe. Extremely comfortable flats, so no regrets now! :D

xiang yun: The bag is actually very heavy! T_T

Brian Davis said...

Love the flats, they are super cute. I've never tied the Reva jelly flats but I'd like to. I just bought my these black patent Reva flats