Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Navy polka dots.

Was in the mood for a simple and comfy outfit...

Found this necklace in a bag of accessories Teeny want to sell at bazaars-- why does she want to sell this! It's gorgeous. I sneaked it to my room (along with the entire bag, haha), and decided I want to wear it on the day itself.

The entire outfit was concocted based on the necklace.

I found the charger for my DSLR! So happy to have quality pictures again-- there's really a difference between DSLR pictures and normal compact camera images, do you agree?

I was wearing this velvet bow belt, which buckles to the back. I decided to turn things round a bit, and buckled it to the front, and left a little surprise at the back-- the pretty velvet bow!

White flapped oversize shirt: Some department store
Navy polka dot shorts: Zara
Chunky pearl roped necklace: Teeny's
Black velvet bow belt: Korea
Black suede knotted platforms: Topshop

Am really proud of myself-- I went to the gym consecutively for 2 days, and I've been sleeping early for the past 4 days (by 1am). I am making small changes to my lifestyle, and got to keep on reminding myself that it only takes 21 days to form a habit. Will update you guys soon on what changes I am trying to adopt! :)

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ally said...

NO DIFFERENCE *in denial cause wanna buy compact camera

Jing said...

That's my necklace (i think) and the bag you stole might just be mine! *fierce

foodie said...

I love how you left some buttons unbuttoned! lol @ Jing!

KITMEY said...

Looking good!!! you look happy (:

revel in me said...

ally: Haha, but the s95 is good la.. *pacifies*

jing: Ooops la la la

sparks in spring: Sharp eyes! 'Cause the top is kind of long, I wanted to create a peekaboo effect to let the polka dot show through! :)

allison: Thanks babe! Yes I am! :P

Anonymous said...

loving the outfit!!!!
Congrats on the new changes!!!!!
you can do it!!!!!!

xiang yun said...

Love the last picture!! Very 'blogger' pose! :D