Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pleated leather.

I was really caught up with my work today when I received a call from a Singaporean number. Preoccupied, and also slightly suspicious, I answered the phone standoffishly.

Turns out the call is from a super chirpy lady from CPA Australia, telling me that I have won some sort of Excellence award! And that they are inviting me to the award in Singapore next week.

Unfortunately I can't make it to Singapore as I will be out of country again next week. But my ears perked up when the lady on the other end of the line mentioned something about "... cheque payable to you".

Woohoo, prize money! In SGD, no less. :P

Okay, that's all for my feel-good moment for the day.


Yesterday's outfit:

I've been lusting over a pleated leather skirt from ZARA last season, but I couldn't justify paying RM200++ for it. Hallelujah then that I found a similar one in Korea for less than half of the price!

Loving these minimalistic sandals I have on too! Been looking for something painfully simple like this.

Graphic tee/ Pleated leather skirt/ Silver ring/ Black velvet sandals/ Snake print leather clutch: Korea
Silver multilayer chain necklace: Teeny's
Gold ring: Bazaar

Yes, almost everything on me is from Korea. What is new.

When I was wearing this outfit, by some twist of fate, I met my boyfriend's mom and uncle. I was smacking my forehead inwardly because it is awkward to explain to your boyfriend's mom why you are wearing leather. If anyone asks, it is a highly shiny skirt, okay?


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Kim L said...

HAHA! what if she reads your blog??

Anyway, loving your regular outfit posts these days!! :)


jeanchristie said...

yay on the CPA bit :D top scorer no less!

love love loveeeee outfit posts!

meet up is overdUE!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how you study for CPA? Mind to share as I am doing 2 papers at the moment with a full time job. So stress till I can't sleep and having very bad migraine!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! =)

Sorry, this is totally random and not related to your post.

But I was wondering since you travel to Korea pretty often, how much would you think is a good budget for a 10-day holiday in Korea? The kind of holiday which covers plenty of shopping and sight-seeing =D!

Haha, just a rough indicator would be helpful =)! Thanks in advance!

ally said...

prize money = more spending in Korea.


Velvet Ribbon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jing said...

Anonymous 2: I think i spent about 6k on shopping (Include some meals but exclude designer labels) and even then, i had to forgo alot of things i have my eyes on so my point is that there's no limit wtf!

Love your outfit my love, can't wait to receive my Azorias package! <333

Joshua said...

Love this outfittttttt. Cool details without being overloaded!

And the pleather looks matte, I think it's bf-s-family-appropriate. :D

revel in me said...

kim: I will dig a hole and bury myself in it then. T_T Thank you dear! <3

jean: Haha, I dunno whether it's top scorer la! I just know I am excellent WTF. Can! When you want? :)

anonymous: Heh, I've shared this before! Mmm, doing 2 papers while working IS quite stressful.. I've did that once, and that was the only time I didn't score a HD.. T_T I think the best advise I can give you is to familiarize yourself with where everything is! When you read through, also take note whether you think it's 'important' info (i.e. examinable), and you can flag out such sections, so that you can access the info easily should it really come out in the exam. Another useful pointer is to cross-reference all relevant sections! 'Cause certain sections are related to sections in other chapters-- by cross-referencing them, you will know where to zoom to the right place for the right info in the shortest time possible. Lastly, relax, and don't waste your time memorizing! :) Good luck! :)

anonymous: Hee, good question! I will be heading to Korea for 10 days soon too. :P Mmm, generally an average meal will cost you about RM15-RM30. More expensive meals (like korean bbq) can cost up to RM60. So say, you budget RM100 a day for food, traveling by subway is cheap (average a few ringgit per trip), and even cabbing is not THAT expensive. So maybe, overall budget RM150 a day? As for shopping, it is not Bangkok, so you can't go crazy.. Pricing is about slightly below RM100 to RM100++ (for normal boutiques), but the quality is well worth it though! I reckon about RM2K, and you can shop quite happily? It really depends on how crazy you want to go. :P

ally: I am trying to spend LESS in Korea. T_T

jing: WTF YOU SPENT 6K ON SHOPPING??? -____-

joshua: Thank you! <3
Haha, she didn't say anything, so I guess I PASSED! :P

Anonymous said...

I just hope for passing both papers and proceed to another two, finish the whole six modules and have CPA at the back of my name card! Nothing more than that!

I envy you, you are so smart while I am so dumb :(