Monday, September 05, 2011

R U Ready?

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to the Prudential's "R U READY" launch at Laundry.

Busco, playing the project's theme song "R U Ready", which is currently making waves on national radio (I'm very very very sure you would have heard of the song before!).

When Busco came out, I was like "EH EH EH I know the lead singer!!" and went totally teenybopper. I met Samuel at a Halloween party a few years ago, and he was the one who started calling me "Rainbow Eyes". When I went to get this autograph, he remembered me! As Rainbow Eyes wtf.

With Suet Li And Aud.

R U Ready is a forum where young adults come together to share their experience, advice and life tips-- be it about career, relationships, investments or your future. The project is specially created to empower our generation by Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad.

I am extremely honored that Prudential has approached me to share my story with young adults like you and me, and my article will be featured on their Facebook page. Go like their page now to
share your experiences, advice and life tip.! And to catch a snippet of Busco's catchy "R U Ready" tune. And also to read my article. *shy*

While you are at it, also check out the currently ongoing Music Video contest! Basically, Busco is looking for photos/ short videos to make up the music video, and YOU can be a part of it:

Step 1 : Take Photo or shoot a short video clip of what is going on in your life.

Step 2: Submit your videos or photos together with your Name, IC Number, Email and contact number via:
i) R U Ready Facebook Page; or
ii) E-mail @; or
iii) MMS to 36633 as follows:- RUReadyFull NameIC No.

Step 3: Contest period: 15 August-26 September 2011. Winners will be notified via phone or email.

The most awesome part? You win RM1,000 if your photo/ video is featured in the music video!

Hope you guys enjoy the article, I shared something I've never shared with anyone else before! :)

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mustardqueen said...

EH EH OMGGGG I remember we used to draw 5 girls, then we'll vote which one is prettiest wtf!!! I still remember I copy ur girl drawing style so they all look like carbon copies WTF!!! GOOD TIMES

Jing said...

Omggggg i think it was out of 4 categories and the total points were 10 wtf!!

I feel ancient now, excuse me while i go and emo wtf!