Friday, September 16, 2011

Red accents.

Going to office on a daily basis is strenuous for me (oh the jams!), but definitely good for all of you...

'Cause going to the office means dressing up daily = daily outfit pictures for you guys! ;)

Wearing some of my recent buys from ASOS.

Been wearing jeans quite often lately. This Wrangler pair was gifted to me when I styled the article here. :)

I think this is my new favorite ring.

Did you notice that my scarf is plaid on one side, and checkered on the other? ;)

White unfinished bias hem tank: Far East Plaza, Singapore
Jeans: Wrangler
Red plaid scarf: Cotton On
Red chainlink leather bracelet: Korea
Silver tassel cuff: Oasis
Gold studded bangles: F21
Gold strap bracelet with rose quartz: ASOS
Gold cross ring: Maria Francesca
Dip-dyed pointed booties: Giuseppe Zanotti

By the way, I am thinking of doing a shopping haul video of my buys from Korea recently. No clothes though, 'cause too many wtf. Mainly accessories and shoes. Aye or nay?

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Anonymous said...


xiang yun said...

AYE!! I wish I can wear such 'cooling' outfits to my office!!! This outfit is super edgy, me like!

ally said...

me rikey the biker chick look!
(but wear scarf not hot meh at home)

Kim L said...

I love this outfit please!! :)

especially the cross ring and scarf!


accidental encounters

Anonymous said...

Yes!!!!!!!!! accessoriesssss!!!
super love them!!!

Lai Yen Yi said...

Doesn't the cross ring interferes your fingers movement? =D

Anonymous said...

is it fashionable to wear a scarf here when the weather is so hot and humid? the bangles? wont you find them come in the way when you write? Puzzling?

Anonymous said...

I seriously think rocker/edgy chic is your true calling :D !!

You're very expressive & playful with your style but when you do denim and red lips, I just go like " damn, this sexy bitch " yknow?! Hahaha but of course this is just my opinion and you are totes allowed to dress however you feel like ! :)

Have a lovely day, gorgeous!

revel in me said...

anonymous: Yes boss!

xiang yun: Haha cooling wth! I can wear anything I want 'cause I am the boss mar WTFF

ally: Office very cold ler!

kim: Thank you babe! I LURVEEE the ring! <3

anonymous: Heehee, I bought truckloads of shoes + accessories!

yen yi: Haha, no! Unless I wear the other way round with the cross in my palm then it will poke me la WTF

anonymous: Haha, let me solve the puzzle for you then. The scarf is a light cotton one, which is similar to donning a light cardie or a pashmina in our climate. My office can get chilly, so I need the warmth! I even wrap it to put around my arms like a pashmina-- godsent! :P And as for the arm candies, I don't do much writing; I do a lot of typing though. But when I type, I don't lean my wrists on the table/ keyboard (if you do, I suggest you stop it as it may lead to carpal tunnel syndrome) so it doesn't really get in the way!

anonymous: AWWW! You make me feel so bad ass, haha. Well, going to the office on a daily basis is giving me a lot of opportunities to play with different looks, so hopefully I will catch your eye again, HEHE. Thank you once again! <3

The Faux Fashionista said...

AYE AYE AYE to haul video! Super love this outfit on you :)