Monday, October 31, 2011


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Being a huge fan of American’s Next Top Model (ANTM), I was really excited for the All-Star cycle! Is any one of you following the cycle? Did you see the episode which aired recently, whereby the challenge was for the contestants to create their own perfume? The perfume that they created must adhere to their ‘branding’, and what they stand for.

And it really got me thinking... if I create a perfume for myself, what are the words I want it to be associated with? Off the top of my head, I thought of the words “Rainbow” (what my name means in Chinese, and also, I’ve been told that I bring color into people’s lives *touched*), “Confident” (brinking on arrogance WTF; just kidding! I’ve been told that I am the most confident person someone has ever known though), “Loud” (my description in my highschool yearbook is “Loudspeaker” T_T), and “Outspoken”.

I am sure over the years of reading my blog, you can sort of gather that I am a somewhat confident person. Case in point, a classic video of me not being afraid to be silly:

I guess I am just very comfortable in my own skin, and I know my own strengths very well. Knowing how to laugh at myself helps too!

As for “Colorful”, besides the fact that I have a penchant for bright colors...

... the fact that I’m not afraid to be silly and have a sense of humor makes my personality ‘colorful’!

As for being “Loud”, that is a genetic trait wtf. My ex-colleagues in Singapore Whatsapp me sometimes to tell me that they can hear my voice in Singapore. -________________________-

Today, however, I would like to talk more about the ‘Outspoken’ Hui Wen, a more less-known side of me. Truth is, I am one of the more outspoken person that I know—though sometimes that might not necessarily be a good thing. -_- I am a very frank and outright person, and if I have an opinion, I WILL let you know about it. Some people might call it ‘blunt’, but I prefer to call it ‘un-fake’? :P This is a personality trait that I am very proud of, because I think many people are afraid to speak their mind, or they put up fronts to mask how they feel. For me, it’s always a case of ‘what you see is what you get’. Though, of course, working in a corporate environment has smoothed my rough edges a little—I will still tell you how I feel, but I will dish it in a more delicate manner. ;)

This is why Fergie’s new perfume, “Outspoken Intense” by Avon, really speaks volumes to me! No stranger to commanding the attention of thousands, recording artist, actress and designer Fergie is the ultimate embodiment of outspoken presence. In fact, the Outspoken range was so outstanding that it won Fergie the prestigious New Fragrance Celebrity of The Year Award!

The pretty packaging! Love the crystal top!

Doing my best impersonation of a perfume ambassador, haha.

The scent is very interesting, as there are layers of delicious notes—I definitely can sense hints of blackberry, star fruit and kumquat! Coupled with lush floral undertones, the scent is sexy, confident, with a hint of daringness.

And I really like the new, intensified version of the “Outspoken” perfume. Remember in my previous post, I mentioned my boyfriend commented that I look very sullen and cold when I am working? It’s definitely largely due to my intense nature. Yes, besides the aforementioned words, “Intense” or “Extreme” would describe myself very well. :P I am a person of extremities-- I work hard, I love hard, I play hard, I live hard. An example of my extreme nature—often, you will hear me describe that I LOVE something or I HATE it—there is no middle ground for me. Moderation (and thus mediocrity) is for the boring! I guess it’s due to my intense character that I’ve worked very, very hard all my life, and landed me at a pretty good place now. :)

Being very big on confidence and the ability to be your own woman and speak your mind, I would love to hear your story! Just write a short blog post on how confidence has changed your life for the better, and why you deserve to win this perfume, and submit your blog link in the comments section.

In return, I will give out THREE Outspoken Intense by Fergie! I am really looking forward to hearing your stories, ‘cause let’s face it, we can all do with a little inspiration everyday. :)

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

My favorite white tee.

I never thought I would say this, but one of my fundamental wardrobe staples is a white tee! (this is coming from someone who use to dress up in frills and ruffles, and hates the idea of a T-shirt).

My current favorite is one with cut-out shoulders-- it adds a bit of a twist to the simple ol' white tee. Been wearing a lot, too much in fact:

This is an example of an 'errand outfit' for me-- shorts, big bag and low-medium heels (if not flats).

Much needed girlie time. Wearing leopard print tulip overlay skirt from AZORIAS.

Back to some random pictures of a late lunch:

Teeny's kick-ass accessories. Spot the wishbone!

Her looking like a Korean, and I mean that as a really high compliment, as they usually look polished and immaculate and glowy. :)

White tee with cut-out shoulders: Korea
Floral print denim shorts: Holiday in Bangkok
Silver bead bracelet: Diva
White enamel bangles: F21
Denim bow pumps: Zara
Bag: Gucci

What is your wardrobe staple? :)


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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Seoul: here, there, everywhere.

Hope you guys are enjoying the Seoul pictures! I am trying to show you all bits and pieces of Korea through my eyes. Not that many pictures of me or outfits because every time I pass the camera to the boyfriend to take pictures of me, he pretends that it's a gun and starts 'shooting' me-- resulting in pictures like this:

Me pretending to die after he shot me wtf.

Random shots from various days:

Black sheer buttoned-up shirt: Holiday in Korea
Fuchsia blazer: AZORIAS
Black leather shorts: AZORIAS (coming soon)
Gold vintage-esque pendant necklace: Topshop
Leopard print jelly flats: Tory Burch

A poster that we saw for an organic festival-- see the girl shitting? HAHAHAHAHA. Kind of makes me think twice before ordering organic food now wtf.

A disgusting dinner consisting purely of innards, UGHHHH!! Because we randomly chose a restaurant with the most people, and found out that they only serve beef after we got a table (the boyfriend doesn't take beef). After some gesturing and broken Korean, we ordered 'pork'-- but it was actually a dish of pork innards!! Very traumatized (I don't think any form of innards), and needless to say, we went for a second round of dinner after that!

Random picture because I like the hairstyle WTF.

Tribute to Steve Jobs in an Apple store:

My new boyfriend wtf.

The most amazing karaoke EVER. It's designed like a open-front dollhouse, and it appears to be catered to only girls! Due to the open concept, we could see the girls singing and wringing in their respective rooms, and wow, are they a wild bunch. So wild that I have to cover the boyfriend's eyes and hurriedly lead him away HAHAHA.

Close-up of the karaoke place. I WANT TO OPEN A PLACE LIKE THAT IN KL!

Wanted to snap a picture of our awesome seat in the cafe-- a whole balcony to ourself looking down to the quaint street of Garosugil! But instead I got this failed shot which the boyfriend commented that it looks like a CEO profile picture in an annual report FML.

Korea serves the best waffles, hands-down.


By the way, come join us at Old Blossom Box for a prelove sale this Sunday (30th Oct)! Please come buy my things, because I recently got the new Blackberry (my old BB was on the verge of dying on me), and I am suffering from near-depression at how broke I am.

See you there!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I actually went to bed already, but I just couldn't fall asleep.

And it suddenly hit me, the solution that I need.

What I really need to do, and want to do, is to go on a soul-searching trip. No work, no worries. Not alone though. What I need to bring with me is a team of my closest friends. I even have the namelist carved out in my head.

The trip will be filled with heart-to-heart talks... Talks about my dreams, my fears, my hopes, my insecurities... It will all be about re-discovering myself.

Why the sudden revelation?

I haven't been feeling like myself... Somehow, I feel like I lost a bit of my sparkle. Does that make sense? Did I even used to sparkle? Do I know why? Maybe I do. But I don't know. I am alone with my thoughts, with no one to talk to. Sad, isn't it? But everyone is so busy with their own lives, so fixated with their own course, that I feel bad to ask for a bit of time.. to talk. To listen.

Back to the people that I want to bring along with the trip... Half of them are in Australia, I just realized. What does this mean? Do I go to Australia for said trip? Will they have time for me? Will anyone have time for me? But these people, these people in my list... They are people who are good for me. They are the people who are partly responsible for making me who I am today.. Or at least reminding me of who I was. Or am I still that person?

Some days I feel like I am at the bottom of the well, wanting to scream for attention but my efforts are futile. Some days, I even joked to myself with the idea of checking into a shrink just so that I have someone to talk to.

I need someone to talk to.. But is it anyone that will do?

I don't know. These days, it seems that there a lot of things that I don't know.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011


Guess what I had for lunch in Seoul?


Hahaha, it's actually pork and beansprouts. Geddit Geddit?

But the illustration is so cute, isn't it! Just keep your eyes peeled open in Korea, there're always amazingly cute details that will make you cluck your tongue appreciatively, and go "Those Korean ar..."

And this yummy meal only cost 5,000 won per pax (less than RM15), WIN!

Little mirror at the entrance/exit, for you to freshen up before you leave the restaurant. See the 'Smile' with a little smiley face at the corner of the mirror? That's what I meant by all the adorable details in Korea!

You actually write your details (name and number of people) on the glass door here, and the waiter will call for you once your table is ready. For you people who have been asking about my boyfriend, his name is on the glass door! But in Korean. Don't say I am keeping things from you guys WTF.

Waiting outside for our table.

The menu! Which is basically the aforementioned illustrations stuck on the air ventilator, too cute.


Chambray shirt: Padini Authentic
Frayed jeans: c/o Wrangler
Yellow leopard print cardie: Holiday in Taiwan
Bracelets: ASOS/ Korea
Wayfarers: Rayban
Brogues with pleated details: Korea
Bag: Miu Miu

I love the ruffled pleat details on these brogues! Got them in an emergency during my trip in Korea because I walked too much and the shoes I was wearing were really getting too uncomfortable. But no regrets!

Our dish cooked right in front of us. So delicious, and the best part is-- so healthy as well! Korean food really tickles my fancy because they are almost 95% of the time spicy-- and I love spicy food. :D

Munching on red bean street snacks that the boyfriend bought for me (I love anything with red bean paste!) while he sits in front with the cab driver to navigate the way to our hotel.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The 'Work it' face.

An interesting revelation made known to me recently-- according to my boyfriend, when I work, I have a 'fierce' or 'mean' face.

HOW CAN! I am like one of the most cheerful people around; not to mention, my ex-colleagues have never mentioned anything of this sort to me! (in fact, my retard partner has announced before that he could never imagine me being angry or fierce -__-)

To fight for my innocence, I present evidence of my expressions while working in Korea recently:

How is this face fierce or mean!


But yea, I admit, I am quite silent and expressionless (and therefore, I look sullen, I guess?) when I work. Focus and concentration!!

Organic coffee that is awesomeness.

The boyfriend snapped this 'works under construction' figurine/ placement thingy, and told me,

"See, you both also working what! Somemore both wear yellow."


And he suggested to buy this Bright Mood tea for me to drink when I work. FML.

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