Monday, October 31, 2011


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Being a huge fan of American’s Next Top Model (ANTM), I was really excited for the All-Star cycle! Is any one of you following the cycle? Did you see the episode which aired recently, whereby the challenge was for the contestants to create their own perfume? The perfume that they created must adhere to their ‘branding’, and what they stand for.

And it really got me thinking... if I create a perfume for myself, what are the words I want it to be associated with? Off the top of my head, I thought of the words “Rainbow” (what my name means in Chinese, and also, I’ve been told that I bring color into people’s lives *touched*), “Confident” (brinking on arrogance WTF; just kidding! I’ve been told that I am the most confident person someone has ever known though), “Loud” (my description in my highschool yearbook is “Loudspeaker” T_T), and “Outspoken”.

I am sure over the years of reading my blog, you can sort of gather that I am a somewhat confident person. Case in point, a classic video of me not being afraid to be silly:

I guess I am just very comfortable in my own skin, and I know my own strengths very well. Knowing how to laugh at myself helps too!

As for “Colorful”, besides the fact that I have a penchant for bright colors...

... the fact that I’m not afraid to be silly and have a sense of humor makes my personality ‘colorful’!

As for being “Loud”, that is a genetic trait wtf. My ex-colleagues in Singapore Whatsapp me sometimes to tell me that they can hear my voice in Singapore. -________________________-

Today, however, I would like to talk more about the ‘Outspoken’ Hui Wen, a more less-known side of me. Truth is, I am one of the more outspoken person that I know—though sometimes that might not necessarily be a good thing. -_- I am a very frank and outright person, and if I have an opinion, I WILL let you know about it. Some people might call it ‘blunt’, but I prefer to call it ‘un-fake’? :P This is a personality trait that I am very proud of, because I think many people are afraid to speak their mind, or they put up fronts to mask how they feel. For me, it’s always a case of ‘what you see is what you get’. Though, of course, working in a corporate environment has smoothed my rough edges a little—I will still tell you how I feel, but I will dish it in a more delicate manner. ;)

This is why Fergie’s new perfume, “Outspoken Intense” by Avon, really speaks volumes to me! No stranger to commanding the attention of thousands, recording artist, actress and designer Fergie is the ultimate embodiment of outspoken presence. In fact, the Outspoken range was so outstanding that it won Fergie the prestigious New Fragrance Celebrity of The Year Award!

The pretty packaging! Love the crystal top!

Doing my best impersonation of a perfume ambassador, haha.

The scent is very interesting, as there are layers of delicious notes—I definitely can sense hints of blackberry, star fruit and kumquat! Coupled with lush floral undertones, the scent is sexy, confident, with a hint of daringness.

And I really like the new, intensified version of the “Outspoken” perfume. Remember in my previous post, I mentioned my boyfriend commented that I look very sullen and cold when I am working? It’s definitely largely due to my intense nature. Yes, besides the aforementioned words, “Intense” or “Extreme” would describe myself very well. :P I am a person of extremities-- I work hard, I love hard, I play hard, I live hard. An example of my extreme nature—often, you will hear me describe that I LOVE something or I HATE it—there is no middle ground for me. Moderation (and thus mediocrity) is for the boring! I guess it’s due to my intense character that I’ve worked very, very hard all my life, and landed me at a pretty good place now. :)

Being very big on confidence and the ability to be your own woman and speak your mind, I would love to hear your story! Just write a short blog post on how confidence has changed your life for the better, and why you deserve to win this perfume, and submit your blog link in the comments section.

In return, I will give out THREE Outspoken Intense by Fergie! I am really looking forward to hearing your stories, ‘cause let’s face it, we can all do with a little inspiration everyday. :)

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Ant Koo said...

Oh wowww, looks nicee! Where did you get this? Looks decent and interesting! XD

Anonymous said...

wow, this has got to be the most insincere sponsored post to date. please bring the old revel in me back!

June Lau said...

Here's my entry. :) :) :)

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Happy 11/11/11 :D