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Bizzybody: Winnie Loo

Under an invitation from Bizzybody, I recently had to honor of interviewing Winnie Loo, founder of A Cut Above:

With the stunning and equally inspiring Winnie Loo.

Since you are perceived as a hair guru, is there any hairstyle, in your opinion, which suits all women?

Well, there is a certain look that is actually actually suitable for many ages, many faces. But it depends on whether the person can accept it. I always think a short hairstyle suits all ages. If you really look at it, some young Hong Kong stars look so good [with short hair]; even some older celebrities like Sharon Stone, look so good as well. Short hair is vibrant; it's young, it's chic. It's just that many M'sian women are in love with long hair, they think "oh, my husband or my boyfriend loves long hair". Personally, I have short hair! In 10 minutes, Vincent (the hairstylist working on Winnie) is going to make look like I have long hair, like I have an updo. I can travel with ease, I don't have to worry about split ends, dry hair. I personally will recommend a short, chic style for all ages.

Do you think M'sian women are more confident today, as compared to, say, 20 years ago?

Yes! Especially in the last 10 years or so, you can see M'sian women are more well-traveled; there are more good magazines, keeping them in-trend, they know what's happening on the scene. I think traveling gives a lot of confidence to people to pick up things, to absorb. By being seen and going places, you're able to see many things.

When we say women are confident now, what sort of changes are we referring to these days?

Ladies these days are more game on, apart from clothing sense, and hairstyles.. and make up, I think it's also career-wise. A lot of ladies now are more professional, compared to 20 years ago, where a lot of women are too comfortable, they will get married, and even those who were trained, will get stuck and end up being housewives. But today, there are a lot of professional girls who learnt to juggle. Like for me. I've never stopped working since Day 1. I got married about 27 years ago, and my husband told me, "You've a career, you shouldn't stop working, you should just do what you do best!", which is important.

Was it ever difficult for you to juggle? 'Cause there're so many things on your plate!

Oh yes. For me, my life is quite fancy. I've a chance to be the hairstylist for the Borneo royalty, I've traveled so much! Even if it's not just for real work, I do have chances to go overseas to pick up classes, which I do a lot, so it's really not easy. I've always loved what I do, that helps. Because sometimes when you're passionate about what you do, you tend to don't mind to sacrifice. I was trying to lead a balanced life, but I still tried to put my career into it, so I am always rushing. But I am not complaining, I am quite happy with that! As for the kids, I spend quality time with them, that's very important, because I've less time with the family. I always say, quality is more important than quantity.

Can you share with us, how do you stay motivated?

Being in the business for so long, I find every reason, and every avenue to push myself, to push my boundaries. When I was coming out as a M'sian [hair]stylist, I worked very hard to become famous. But is that enough? I think in life if that's enough, you get very complacent and just lie in a comfort zone and you might not be able to break another level. So what I always do is when every opportunity knocks on my window, I never say no. I never close the door, I always explore.

Winnie, have you tried the Bizzybody treatments so far?

I have! I don't need to slim down, because I am very blessed. Last year I was the judge for Bizzybody, and they gave me 10 sessions of the toning package. It wasn't to lose weight, it's for firming. And it works!

What is your take on the 7-days money back guarantee?

I thought it was very interesting. They are very generous too, with the RM7 [promotion]. It's a cool idea, especially with their 7th year [anniversary], everything coming in 'sevens'.

What do you think of Malaysia's fashion industry? What bout the beauty industry?

Fashion-wise, of course we have some really outstanding designers, but I've been to London and New York, and I really wish, that one day, our designers will have that kind of opportunities.

So it's really about the opportunities? It's not the talent?

It's the opportunity, we have so much talent here! Which is why I am really glad that I never stopped connecting, which is why I am globally connected now. In the beauty and fashion industry, you can never stop improving and increasing your awareness. It's really sad that M'sia has so little opportunities. Speaking of hair and beauty, we are definitely not far behind in terms of technique, but we need the opportunities.

Do you have any advise for budding entrepreneurs, considering that you have established this empire for yourself?

Definitely, I will encourage anyone who's in my kind of business, or any type of business, to not give up so easily. In any industry, it's tough to begin with. And once you make it, stay humble. There's no such thing as 'making it', because in any career when you say you made it, and you stay in a comfort zone, it's the beginning of a downfall. Never say you're good enough because in any competitive industry, no one can be a superstar if they do nothing to breakthrough to another level.

One last question! Can you share with us, THE ultimate hair tip? From your expert experience!

In today's busy lifestyle, there're actually a lot of good products in the salon for people to think about. Many people have not heard about the Brazilian Keratin treatment. It's the ultimate hair tip. It gives you 4 months of great hair days! When you've frizz or unruly hair, just check into a salon and do one treatment-- the effects last for 4 months! The Brazilian Keratin treatment is storming the world, and M'sians are still not aware. We [A Cut Above] brought it in 2 years ago, but M'sians really should check it out, and have no [hair] problems for the next 4-6 months. It's an amazing product, and to me is the ultimate tip. Brazilian Keratin treatment is the way of life! In America no one goes home without it! In M'sia, everyone must have a perm or a color[-ing], but in America, they must have the Brazilian Keratin treatment. I would call it a rescue to many bad hair days, no more bad hair days!
(Subsequently the super awesome Winnie Loo offered to give me a free trial of the Brazilian Keratin Treatment ('BKT')! I've tried it, and am loving the results! Will blog about the treatment soon!)

Bizzybody is Malaysia’s first assurance slimming centre, and coinciding with the celebration of it's 7th anniversary, it will launch a 7 day money- back guarantee. Bizzybody uses sustainable & safe Skincare, and its menu are all fixed in pricing with no hidden charges. As part of their CSR initiatives, 70,000 slimming, body toning and facial treatments sessions will be subsidized at only RM7 per session, up to a total of 20 sessions per customer.

This campaign will run from 26th September to 30th November 2011. For every customer who sign up for this program, RM7 will be contributed towards Malaysian Nature Society in support of the society’s conservation efforts.

For more details, like their FB page:

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dear

I have been reading your blog quite some time. I also would like to share my experience with u regarding the Brazilian Keratin. I had done it early this year at ACut Above (Pavilion). I have very long hair so u can imagine how much they charged me. First few days after i did it, i didnt like my hair as it was still looking so straight (My original hair is straight n i have never rebonded it before). And also the products come with this treatment making my hair bit greasy. I kind of like it after a week or two though as it became more natural. This treatment lasts with me til today (of course i have done few more normal treatment after that). All i can say is this treatment is definitely a must as it really fix our hair n make it so smooth n silky. And u are so lucky to have it done for a free charge.