Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Off I go again.

Out of the country, of course. And by a strange sort of luck, Teeny is coming with me!

So far:

1. I left my contact lens case at home-- and bought the cutest lens case ever. Can't wait to show you all a picture!
2. Found out that the guy who sat next to us in the plane is staying at the exact same hotel as us. What a crazy coincidence.
3. Cushioned toilet seat in the hotel bathroom. Very strange to go 'pffffttttt' as you sink into the seat.
4. I shall not start on the hot pink scalloped toilet cover.
5. Really looking forward to dressing up in Korea. I managed to limit myself to only packing 2 pairs of shoes (including the ones that I was wearing) and one handbag.But I brought 4 jackets and 2 cardigans, haha. My beautiful outerwear deserve a chance to be flaunted!
6. My supplier treating us bottles of orange juice, just because. :)
7. Free facial mask on top of a free facial mask in a Korean beauty shop. Only in Korea.
8. I am dragging Teeny to the Hello Kitty cafe soon, I don't care!
9. I wanted to buy a gold spiked leather necklace, but Teeny veto-ed it based on the reasoning that it's too 'fierce' for Malaysia. I got a tiny spiked ring instead. Too cute.
10. Just when I thought I have seen everything, I saw tops with a watertap print. -_- Again, only in Korea!
11. My hair is seriously awesome now. Can't wait to share wit you all what I did to it! :D

Will blog soon with pictures! :)

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the picturessss!!!!
And what a coincidenceeeeeeee

Anonymous said...

please bloggg!!!

Anonymous said...

remember to bring accessories to sell in azorias!

Joshua said...


I told Ting if Azorias covers my airfare, I will happily be your menswear buyer WTF

Francisca said...

can't wait for pictures : )

ally said...

joshua: NOWAY. azorias is hiring ME first.