Saturday, October 08, 2011

With love, from Seoul.

What's cooking? Pork bulgogi with cheese, that's what. ;)

Little spiked ring I talked about here.

With Teeny, my partner-in-crime!

In a restaurant that serves particularly garlicky food, and they gave out free mints, too considerate! It matches my glittery royal blue nails too. :)

What I am wearing today.

Hello Kitty cafe.

I just sent Teeny off to the airport bus terminal, and am back in my room now feeling a tad lonely. But fret not, because my boyfriend will be reaching in a few hours' time. :)

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Jing said...

Omg love where did u get the clutch from? :)) Looks like a Celine one that i wanted to getttt! <3

Anonymous said...

your hair is gorgeous!!!!!
loving it!!!!
all looking really pretty!!!

mustardqueen said...

SEEE!!???? Told u that's a "celine" design!! SO now get me my pony hair one :D

Anonymous said...

show us photo of your bf!

xiang yun said...

Looks so yummy!! Can't wait to see the post-Korea posts! :D

Anonymous said...

is bulgogi with cheese nice?
very unusual dish. ^_^


Anonymous said...

Hello Kitty?! It looks so precious to be drank!

revel in me said...

jing: Korea, where else? :P

anonymous: You noticed my hair! <3333 Did something to it, can't wait to blog about it! :D

mustardqueen: TOO LATE! *phew*

anonymous: He's camera shy!

xiang yun: Not many of 'em, but I will try! :D

jess: I prefer to eat the meat without the cheese, then only add the cheese and rice into the remaining sauce to panfry it-- SUPER YUMMY!

v: Haha, we think so too! So we tried our darndest to avoid drinking the foam to keep the hello kitty intact. :P