Thursday, November 03, 2011

Another one out the bag.

Phew, finally I can come clean! Hate keeping secrets from everyone, such as keeping mum about AZORIAS for almost a year (*click*)...

The cat is out of the bag!


Did you get that?


Her profile photo on the show. :')

You can't imagine how proud I am to watch my sister onscreen! Each contestant doesn't get much airtime (imagine squeezing 40 contestants in 1 hour, and don't get me started on commercial time), but everytime I as much as get a glimpse of Teeny onscreen, there's like a sun beam shining on my heart. :)))) And when she gets compliments or positive feedback, WOHHHH!! I even get a little teary. :')

Anyway, as a proud sister, here I am pimping my sister, GO LIKE HER FACEBOOK PAGE! If you like food, or appreciate (food-related) humor like this...

... or if you believe in the young seeking their dreams and taking action to pursue it, you will enjoy her page! :)

Some pictures I stole off her page/blog:

Teeny is wearing Collared floral silk dress with buckled belt from AZORIAS.

Teeny in the audition in May. I still remember, she almost didn't want to go for the audition... But look at where she is now! ;)

Teeny is wearing Contrast intricate lace bodice dress with sheer striped overlay from AZORIAS.

Top 40 photo montage. Spot Teeny! Hint: Ho wtf.

Teeny is wearing Georgette pussybow blouse with tulle laced-up front from AZORIAS.

During one of the challenges in the bootcamp.

Haha, we joke sometimes that AZORIAS is Teeny's official wardrobe sponsor in Masterchef Malaysia. In some way it's true, 'cause Teeny did give me specific instructions to bring back clothes with pretty neck details-- so that it can stand out from the apron!

Masterchef apron, le sigh. So amazing! :)


By the way, watch this super cute video for AZORIAS!

Yes, we are working on something for November, and we are about to reveal real soon what it is! Follow us closely on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to our mailing list if you haven't done so! :)

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Anonymous said...

all the extra super duper fairy best dust to the Hos!!!!!!!!!!!

revel in me said...

anonymous: Haha, thank you! But our surname is actually 'Hoe', Astro mispelled it in the initial montage. -_-

-sarah- said...

woah congrats!! Is there any way to watch the episodes online? Wanna support teeny but i'm in perth :(

hummingbird said...

I was extremely upset when I watched an episode and didn't see your sister and then the doors opened and the rest of the finalists came in and there she was! (I think it was a Masterchef class) Anyways, do wish her the very best for me!