Thursday, November 17, 2011

Catch me if you can!

After MOFEW the last weekend, I am going to be at another bazaar...

By the way, we won best decorated booth! I don't have any pictures of our store save for a blurry mobile picture; so for those of who took a picture with me outside our booth or have a picture of the booth, please please please send to me so we have something commemorate the event with! *begs*

Anyway, I digress.

Catch me this Saturday at Leftblock!

It's Leftblock-- BIGGER and BETTER! During the last Leftblock, there were only 9 of us. If I didn't remember wrongly, I heard from Joyce that there'll be a total of 22 vendors this time!! :O
Read more about that last Leftblock here.

I am really super excited about this event, because correct me if I am wrong, but I think Leftblock was the first ever junkyard sale that I participated in-- And I enjoyed it SO SO SO much. The energy was awesome, the crowd was awesome, the loot was awesome, the food was awesome (it was held at Fat Spoon the last time). Have been bugging Joyce to do it as soon as possible, but back then she promised me to do it in May... And lookie, it's November now. -__- It's almost 1 year since the last Leftblock sale, so I suggest you to not miss out on this one!

I promise you all a lot of goodies okay. I even told the boyfriend to leave me alone tomorrow night so that I have time to pack more stuff for you all-- now that's sincerity! Hehe.


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foodie said...

I want to go so badly but not back in Kl yet. :( :( :(

Julia said...

Oh no...more spending after MOFEW!
Btw, really impressed with the good quality stuff found at Azorias last week. Keep up the good work!

revel in me said...

sparks in spring: Oh ya, the first leftblock was where we first met! T_T

julia: Aww thank you dear! Leave us a nice message on Azorias FB! :P