Friday, November 25, 2011

I love nerds.

I feel really, really guilty because I really haven't been blogging properly! Work has been crazy, and the only blog posts that I can squeeze a bit of time to do are those that I have committed to earlier on... Heck, I haven't had time/mood to take outfit pictures, so I don't even have anything to blog about. T_T

That being said, I feel extremely blessed this week because I get to do some really new things that I never ever thought I would have the chance to. Fine, I've thought about it, but to actually have the opportunity.. Words fail to describe how privileged I feel. :) Can't wait to show/ tell you guys more about them!

Another one of the reasons for the mad schedule this week is because... I am flying off to Korea again this weekend. This time for 2 weeks, and frankly speaking, I am scared shit because of 2 reasons: 1. 2 weeks is an awfully long time for a business trip; 2. it's friggin' winter in Korea now. Word has it that on the day I arrive, the temperature is -7 degrees. -_______________-

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO!! My wardrobe is not made for anything below zero degrees! Heck, my body isn't made for such harsh cold weather. -__-

Anyway, to make up to all of you, here's a proper outfit post-- everyone loves outfit pictures right. :P Especially travel outfit pictures! (the ones below are taken in Seoul)

My tank says "I love nerds". It's a no-brainer really, 'cause I used to be one wtf.

Freshly out of the Hello Kitty cafe! That deserves a whole post by itself. ;)

How amazing does my hair looks after my Brazillian keratin treatment!

I absolutely adore the high slit of my maxi skirt, which is from AZORIAS.
You can find it at Fashion Valet, which carries the AZORIAS label.

"I love Nerds" tank: Holiday in Bangkok
Red maxi skirt with high slit: AZORIAS
Black furry cardigan with diamante buttons: Holiday in Zhuhai
Gold choker: H&M
Black leather belt with silver tip: Korea
Leopard print faux ponyhair loafers: Korea
Red/ blue block color zipper clutch: Korea

Hopefully I will get to blog again before I fly off, else, the next update will be from Korea! :)

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Jing said...

LOVE the outfit! :)

And maybe brazilian keratin treatment is the answer to my sorry excuse of hair! T___T

Anonymous said...

Please bring back lots of pretty clothes from Korea.

Anonymous said...

hello pretty girl! i'll be heading to korea first week of dec and since youre such a fashionista, i was wondering where's the best place to shop in seoul? due to my packed schedule i only have a few hours to shop :( please do recommend the best best best place! haha i love your fashion sense by the way.

Cereal said...

gawd i think I'm gonna get that skirt. its like the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen in a long time!

Zoe said...

I love your leopard loafer! I've been looking for one since forever! Found them in Topshop but size is a lil too big for me! :(

revel in me said...

jing: Aww, thanks love! <3 But the BKT effects very short term only. :(((

anonymous: Yes m'am! :P

anonymous: Well, for good shopping, head to Myeongdong for high street shopping (massive F21, H&M, ZARA, American Apparel and beauty shops of all kinds), Dongdaemun; and Samcheongdong and Garosugil for small quaint boutiques! Samcheongdong and Garosugil have the loveliest cafes, so make sure you visit some of the cafes! :)

There's also the Sunday market at Ehwa university.. And designer shopping in Apgujeong. And duty free shopping is cheaper in Korea too! Just go crazy, and the collect your buys at the airport on the day that you depart. :)

cereal: Haha! You can get it on Fashion Valet, we had it exclusively stocked there. :) And my gawd, you look so familiar!!

zoe: I got a lot of compliments for these loafers! :P Took me ages to find nice ones too. T_T

evilgurl said...

i have a similar top and loafers...but my loafer doesnt seem to look as nice as urs! T____T