Tuesday, November 08, 2011

My first ever overseas trip.

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Sometimes I look at my brother, and think how lucky he is. He took a plane for the first time when he was only 5 years old! It was a family trip to China, and when we asked him what does he remember from he trip, he answered: “The games in the plane are very nice” WTF.
Lesson: Never bring young kids on trips ‘cause they don’t remember anything from it.

Many of you think that I am very well-traveled, but actually, the first time I have ever traveled out of the country was when I was 16 years old—to New Zealand! It was a sudden, impromptu trip, because there was a good deal from Reliance (remember back in the olden days whereby we follow tours?), and my dad wanted to treat my grandma to a trip to NZ as her sister (i.e. my grand-aunt) stays there. My mom was instructed to accompany my grandma as my dad had no leave, and being a smart man—to prevent any mother-daughter in law drama-- my dad asked me to go along on the trip as well!

I was so excited—I got to take 1 week off school, it was my first long haul flight, my first time out of the country, my first time in a Western country, my first time experiencing winter; and I didn’t know what to expect. Back then, my only impression of New Zealand is a scene of 1 million cows in a Fernleaf commercial WTF. But jokes aside, it is true that in New Zealand, I created some really beautiful memories, so much so that most of the pictures displayed in my room are actually pictures from my NZ trip years ago!

Warming my hands in front of a fireplace in a ski lodge. A FIREPLACE!! With real fire and logs! I used to only read about fire place in books and Christmas songs wtf.

And yes, I went skiing for the first time in NZ!

At Lake Taupo, with snow-topped mountains as the background. The view is so magnificent and beautiful that it literally leaves you breathless.

Having experienced New Zealand in the winter, I think it would be amazing to experience the beautiful country in summer! My trip 10 years ago (omg, how time flies!) was spent with a tour group, and while the group was made up of really fun people, I also remember spending a lot of time in the bus traveling from North (Auckland) to South (Christchurch). This time around, not only do I want to have an authentic NZ summer experience, I would also like to travel the country on a free and easy style (instead of following tours)—which is made easy by really informative sites like this one.

Everything you’ve ever heard about how beautiful the country is true, I can attest to that.

Rotorua geysers. I still remember the day I visited Rotorua, it was 2 degrees. T_T So it will definitely be awesome to visit the place on a sunny summer day!

Maori tribe—it’s a custom for them to rub noses with you when you first meet.

It was absolutely PRICELESS to see my grandma got down the bus, and was grabbed by a tall, dark, half-naked man to rub noses against each other HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Besides visiting places that I’ve already been to (to experience the ‘Summer’ version of the enchanting views), I would also like to try some new things! Like Bungee jumping, hehe. I didn’t get to try during my trip back then, ‘cause I’ve a history of wheezing and my mom was afraid I will get a heart attack if I bungee-jumped. -_- Also, I heard that there a lot of music festivals running at the end of the year—which I am most excited to be a part of! And lazing on a secluded beach to watch the sunset, bonfires blazing amidst a backdrop of magnificent mountains... I can’t wait already!

Air Asia X flies directly to Christchurch from Kuala Lumpur, so it’s really easy to plan a trip now. At MPH today, the boyfriend told me to pick any Lonely Planet guide book I want to determine our next holiday destination, so that we could work towards it... Maybe it’s time to get a New Zealand one. ;)

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Anonymous said...

i really don't mean to be mean but you are far from being well-travelled! You seem to only have been around the countries near Malaysia, you seem like you're really adventurous- not to be patronising but why not go further? Every time I have a few weeks to spare I undertake trips to the different continents- Europe, America, Africa- am planning to hit South America next! i didnt mean to sound like a hater, just saying that there's so much more you could see that I think you deserve to because you seem like a really keen traveller!

revel in me said...

Haha, I never said I am well-traveled, I just said people seemed to have that idea, that's all. And of course I would love to go further! But unfortunately, I have severe time and money constraints. I used to work in audit, and it's difficult to take time off, let alone luxurious stretches of long weeks. And now that I am doing my own business, it's even more difficult to be away. Just my business trips alone each month takes up too much time. And also, like I mentioned, financial constraints. :) All my resources (time, money, effort) is invested into my business now, though I can't be happier. :) As for short trips 'near' Malaysia, they are taken with my family, as my dad can't afford to take too much time off work himself, and my mom hates long-haul flights. I am just happy to spend time with my family, so it doesn't really matter to me where I go.

I AM saving up for NY and Europe (wanna hit there before I hit 30), so wish me luck!

Anonymous said...

I'm from NZ :P

Yeah year end's probably one of the more eventful times especially around Christmas and New Years. People camp out at a specific open grounds area and there's music and drinking, etc.

Meagan said...

I'll be in North NZ next month! For Christmas and New Year! So excited about it! Yay! ;)

Anonymous said...


Charlene said...

Hey there. I'm currently staying in New Zealand too. You would want to try bungee jumping at taupo or south island (eg queenstown). The view is just spectacular there.