Monday, November 07, 2011

Windswept hair.

Wow, it's been 5 days since I last blogged! November really caught me off-guard, with back-to-back events, and a business trip scheduled at the end of the month. As opposed to the belief that everything slows down towards the end of the year, it's kind of happening the opposite way for me...

But I am not complaining!

I am going to let you on into a secret of mine. This year has been amazing for me. My dream came true, everything has been wonderful, and I cannot be happier. But some small superstitious part of me is worried that everything will change with the new year! Like how luck/ wheels of fortune will change and all that shiznit. But I flipped through Lillian Too's Feng Shui book for 2012 in Popular that day (it's not only me that enjoys flipping through books in bookstores right?), and apparently things will go smoothly for me next year too!
The superstitious part of me is now pacified, hehe.

And if all else fails, hard work brings along wonderful things too. :)

If anything, I am more excited than ever to see what next year as in store for me! Never thought I will look forward to getting old WTF.

Some pictures to make up for my semi-absence from blogging:

I am in flats 24/7 nowadays. -__- Where has the fashionista in me gone to!!

Having beef for lunch-- which is really, really rare for me, because generally I try to avoid beef (for semi-religious reasons).

But stupid Audrey and her constant cravings for beef has awaken a carnivorous side in me and I have been yearning for beef recently. -_-

My new Blackberry. Am really upset 'cause in this year alone I spent a lot on tech gadgets including a new laptop ('cause my old one crashed), a tablet (more for business reasons), and now a new BB (also 'cause my old one was dying on me). That's almost 3 months of salary???!! *dies*

A sexy, windswept picture of me, ehehe.

Got cheated by this waffle. Decided to order it 'cause I was having dessert pangs, and also 'cause I thought RM9++ was pretty cheap for a waffle (in a classy Japanese restaurant). But the waffle came and it was the size of my palm. -_____-

Red floral print kaftan with ruffled bell sleeves: Korea
Stone pendant chain necklace: F21
Jewel long necklace: Diva
Navy studded leather bracelet: Korea
Black velvet ankle-strapped sandals: Korea
Block-colored zipper clutch: Korea

Now off to wrap some goodie bags for MOFEW this weekend. Yes, people, if you haven't heard yet, AZORIAS is having a pop-up store this weekend (11-13 Nov) at Midvalley Exhibition Centre (Booth 116)! Crazy, hectic week ahead! T_T

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fourfeetnine said...

i have been trying to give up beef also ok hahahahaha can i help it if i'm so psychologically vulnerable that the more i cannot eat the more i want to eat WTF

Joshua said...

Love love this outfit! Effortlessly boho without going hippy hobo.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Pop Up Store! Congrats!!!
Looking super gorgeous!!!
Love love love everything esp the accessories!!!

xiang yun said...

So sad I can't make it for this year's MOFEW and a chance to meet you again /shiny eyes /fangirl damn you, blasted assignments due date, why must you fall on the same weekend!
Hope everything goes well for you! :)

revel in me said...

fourfeetnine: Woman, I've been craving for beef nonstop since lunch with you. -___-

joshua: Aww, thank you! Like Nicole Richie? wtf

anonymous: Thanks love! <3 Will we seeing you at MOFEW? :)

xiang yun: AWW THAT SUCKS!! What about the week after that? I will be at Leftblock too! :)

Cheyenne said...

Love that clutch! Love your blog <3