Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas dinner outfit.

My only (official) Christmas dinner was a triple date dinner on Boxing Day. It ended with a 5-hour long karaoke session-- the final ending note was KRU songs, haha.

Since it's a Christmas dinner, I know I definitely want to look somewhat festive! But still something easy (and preferably loose 'cause I want to eat to my heart's content).

I reached out for one of my favorite pieces from AZORIAS-- a gold-tipped white shirt that I've been salivating after it took streetstyle blogs by a storm.

I knew I like the shirt, but I really, really LOVE it when I put it on! The shirt is so deceptively simple, but the simple gold engraved tips really has this incredible ability to make you look stylish and pulled-together without trying too hard. I dare to say so 'cause I saw outfit pictures of a few AZORIAS customers wearing this shirt, and they all look amazing!

I am definitely bringing it to Tokyo next week (did I mention, I am going to Japan for 1 week? :P)

Surprisingly (even to myself wtf), my outfit was some sort of anti-thesis to Christmas-- I kept it to strictly black and white, with hints of gold (that's my festive cheer!). Maybe it's because I went full-on red and green for actual Christmas Day itself.

Using my mom's rabbit fur clutch from Calvin Klein. Although it's the second time I've used it (first time was for NAPBAS-- if you all remember from my post here), it's turning yellow rapidly because people just can't stop touching it. T__T

Gold-tipped collar shirt: AZORIAS
Black staightcut jeans: Just Jeans, Australia
Diamante earrings (not shown): H&M
Black/gold jewel bracelet: Korea
White/ gold thin enamel bangle: F21
Gold diamante bow ring: Holiday in Zhuhai
Suede platform heels with gold trimmings: Topshop
Rabbit fur clutch with bejeweled clasp: Calvin Klein

Was reminiscing about 2011 with Jing, and well, what have I got to say, except that 2011 has been really, really kind to me. :) Happy new year in advance, everyone! Thank you for sticking by with me all these years, and I am excited for more adventures in 2012!

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annant said...

2011 sure have been a good one for you!

happy new year :)

Kim L said...

happy new year babe!!
btw u look so much like Jing in all these pics!


Lai Yen Yi said...

Happy new year for you XD

J said...

how come i bought the same, but it's so big for me... cries

Amelia said...

lovely top :) love the collar!!!:)

revel in me said...

annant: Hopefully I can make 2012 a better one! :D

kim: Haha, how come! She seldom has her hair in a bun!

yen yi: Happy new year to you too <3

J: Hi J! Did you buy it from Azorias? I am a UK8, and it's sort of a slouchy fit on me! I know of some customers who are size UK4/6 who bought the shirt, maybe it's a personal preference for fit! :) But if you are not happy with the shirt for whatever reason, you can always return it within the stipulated time frame! :)

amelia: Thank you! Are you in Tokyo now? :D