Thursday, December 01, 2011

Thanksgiving list.

It was a sudden revelation last night (and oh, what a cold night it was!) in Seoul, while sipping piping hot soup from a paper cup at a truck selling snack food-- that I am so thankful that I get to experience something like that.

And you know how thoughts are, one thought tumbles into another, and before I knew it, I have a series of things that I think I ought to be grateful for. It's a few days too late for Thanksgiving, but I really want to list down a few things that I should give thanks for. :)

1. Two days before I left for Korea, there was a sudden announcement from my parents that we were going out for steak. Steak is always reserved for special occasions (half of my family does not take beef, and generally I fall into that group wtf), so I was pestering my folks suspiciously for the reason of the dinner. Turns out that my mom remembered that I was craving for steak (ONE careless, offhand remark, by the way), and she knows that I usually don't eat well when I am away in Korea because the working hours are just crazy-- so she initiated the dinner to make me one happy, stuffed camper before I fly off. :')

2. My dad suggested to me recently that I should consider importing from Japan as well for AZORIAS. Let's not focus on the viability of this option, but what I only hear was, not only do I have the acceptance of my dad for what I am doing, but the encouragement as well. And that, to me, is a fucking amazing thing.

3. Chicken Carbonara sandwich. Even the name makes your mouth waters, doesn't it? Had it last night, and it was everything I wanted it to be, and then more.

4. Back to where it started. I am so so grateful for the incredible Koreans we've met, absolutely the most hospitable people ever. Because of them, I have had the most wonderful experiences in Korea, such as chewing on alive octopus with squiggly squirming tentacles; having my fortune told; eating the most delicious Korean food, some even fit for a king (literally); taking Korea's version of bullet train, the KTX; gobbling a fresh, burning hot fish-shaped pastry straight off your bare hands (no paperbag or plate whatsoever) because it keeps you warm during winter; sitting in extremely luxurious limited edition Hyundai cars,dining at the same restaurant as Rain... This are all amazing experiences, which a normal tourist would not have access to... And they are mine; my own unique experiences and memories that I can stow away to savor. :)

5. That being said, I am thankful for my boyfriend, one of the kindest man out there, always eager to lend a helping hand. It is because of him that the Koreans always go an extra step for us. So people, take note, there is such thing as good karma, so always always be kind and humble! And for you folks who have a lot of hate within and did a lot unspoken evil (whether big or small), good luck to you.

6. AZORIAS is turning 6 months old in 1 day's time. :') Has it been 6 months?? Where has all the time gone to??? This deserves a post on its own, which I promise I will do!!

Someone commented on my blog recently that I blow my own trumpet on my blog. -_- But if talking about rewards that I've achieved through my sheer hardwork (whether it's a pair of shoes or a hard-earned compliment from someone) or counting my blessings are considered 'blowing my own trumpet', then I am sorry. There's nothing to be ashamed with being grateful for what I have and being open about it. Especially when I worked damn hard for it. And goddammit, I am beyond thankful for every single thing in my life. I've come a long way since my quarter-life crisis, and I've learned to never, ever take anything for granted.

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Anonymous said...

Don't be bothered by negative comments. People who are too free to comment negatively on people's blog is a sad, sad thing. Live your life to the fullest and all the best to Azorias! Cant wait to see what you have in store for us :)

ally said...

YA i thought that was the stupidest comment ever cause its YOUR blog what. don't blow your own trumpet then blow whos wtf

Anonymous said...

no offense but most of the time when you share your 'success stories', it does sound like self gratification.

perhaps, it's in the way you convey it? of how you've slogged it out worked hard yadi yada. yes, we know that already.

it does sound as though you're continously seeking for acknowledgment of your success. does your ego need to constantly be fed?

it's alright to share your business/success stories - just that when it's constantly repeated, that's when u hear the trumpet blowing continously.

there are so many other successful business owners out there who have worked as hard or perhaps even harder but yet, have no need to go around telling the world.

smallswong said...

i am so proud of you dearie ! go on sharing these success stories of yours because it is truly inspiring :) xx

following your success,

revel in me said...

anonymous: I have the same thoughts on these internet warriors as well. :) Thank you very, very much on your encouraging words. :')

ally: Haha, ya la, I am my favorite subject WTF.

anonymous: But there's this information gap then, because I do not see myself as a success story! I am far from what I would call myself a success, but I only know I will work hard to hopefully get there one day. At the moment, I am just enjoying my journey, which is this new-found opportunity to do something I love. :) Slogging or otherwise, it's exciting, it's passionate, and yes, like a new love, I can't stop talking about it! :P Back to your statement, I most certainly don't need any 'acknowledgement' for my 'success', simply because I am not at that level yet.

I talk about work a lot because that's a huge part of my life now, and if my blog is about me, well, it's most certainly going to be about what I do. Me repeating that I am busy? Well, if I go off blogging for more than a week (whereas I used to blog every other day), I most certainly would like to just explain why. :) Don't read so much into my blog entries, my blog is still the same, it's still lil' ol' me sharing about my life. :)

foodie said...

I think you're good at what you're doing, blog or Azorias wise! :) On a random note, I was googling for hairstyles then eventually I went on 'dawnyang hair', guess what! Your picture came on the first page, first row! :P

Anonymous said...

Point 5 has a tinge of resentment hoping for bad karma for the person who commented that you blow too much trumpet. Isnt your blogging for the whole world to read to seek adulation or adoration? Too bad you cant take honest observation.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how people who know the least always have the most to say.

If you can't take the fact that someone's 'self-trumpeting' (I don't see it as such) then you have the option of not following this blog. Why choose to annoy yourself since the 'self-trumpeting' upsets you?

Far from not being able to take honest observations, your honest observations may not be seen in the same way by the rest of world.

Everyone thinks they have the prettiest wife and the cutest kid, and ultimately and we all wear glasses of varying degrees of tint due to our life experiences and social conditioning.

Don't waste your time being jealous - it's life, sometimes you're behind, sometimes you're ahead. Besides, it's a vice that gives you no pleasure.

Your jealousy and self-annoying tendencies are a disease. Get well soon!

Joshua said...

Everyone needs to chill out and have a chicken carbonara sandwich.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 1.56pm, if you're male, will you marry me? Absolutely brilliant comment.

Anonymous said...

self trumpeting is not upsetting.
it's amusing!

there's the player, the critics and the audience :D

Anonymous said...

bragging by this blogger is not annoying. infact it tickles me!! its so funny why she wants to go to such extend.

Jing said...

I think you guys are over-analyzing things! -___-

Wen is merely being grateful for the little things in life, i'm shocked at the amount of negativity garnered from it!

evilgurl said...

just started reading your blog after realising you are the nice owner of Azorias :)

its your blog and you can write everything you have a voice, you speak...thats about it!

there's always anonymous ppl out there who hate everything and the world and its like everyone owe them something...

if they can't smile, don't stop others rite :)

Anonymous said...

Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people!

These are just small minds who're out to get you!

Its really not about clever, average or dumb, fortunate or unfortunate, show-off or not.

I've always believed that its the ambition, passion and desire of a person that makes the difference.

Its inspiring to read about how you've chased your ambition with passion and desire, and to see how that has made a difference in your life.

For those of you who can't be arsed with the hassle of chasing your own ambitions with passion and desire and instead choose to tell people how to live their lives - That's a legitimate life choice too.

It's a very limited life you have there though. You only live it once, so my personal advice would be to choose wisely! :)

mustardqueen said...

People will always try to bring you down. But that's cause you're above them.

Anonymous said...

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