Friday, December 02, 2011


Am in a really cheery mood now, after sipping on a mug of hot mocha whilst listening to Christmas songs. Ultimate bliss. There isn't anything that coffee cannot make better! Or cupcakes. Or ice cream. Or chocolate chip cookies. I am getting carried away here, but you get my drift.

Am feeling very inspired from this trip, which is a major 'yay' moment from me. For some reason, lately I just seemed to have lost the zest for dressing up, and have also started hating everything in my wardrobe. -_- I tend to always rewear the same things because it just seems easier to reach for the first thing on my shelf, and on most days I feel like a pale version of the old me (dressing-wise). Dressing myself seems more like a chore than an enjoyment like it used to be.

I guess we all go through phases like that.. Right? What about you girls? :)

The good thing is, that phase has came to end for me, I *think*! My brain is constant filled to the brim with styling ideas, and every Tumblr image that I come across ignites a little ball of excitement in the pit of my tummy... Next post I will blog about the stuff I bought during this trip, okay? :P

Since I am talking about personal style and clothes, it only seems apt to make this an outfit post! Wearing one of my favorite blouses ever, with a stunning digital print that is part underwater mystic, part reptilian magic.

I am not usually a pants person, but I couldn't resist this utilitarian chic skinny pants-- at a mind-boggling price (less than RM30)! I am a bargain hunter through and through. :D

Everything went really well with my royal blue glittery nails! I am thinking yellow next.

Sheer digital print buttoned-up: Singapore
Khaki skinny pants with zipper details: Korea
Gold choker: Korea
Rings: YSL/ H&M
Silver bead bracelet with turquoise stones: ASOS
Electric blue velvet pumps: Holiday in Zhuhai

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Anonymous said...

Nice fashion post!
U can pull it of with just anything... ))

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!! Looking perfect! Fab! SuperB!!!
Love love love the blue and the grey !!!!!!!
Yes!!! can't wait for more buys posts and outfit posts and korea travel postss and anything that you feel like posting!!!!
super love reading your blog!!!!
always feel super good and happy reading your blog! like inspiration to live life to the fullest!!!!!

Anonymous said...

anon 2 - i think i know which household you belong to. its so funny!!!

revel in me said...

anonymous: Thank you! :)

anonymous: Haha, wow, thank you! You can't imagine how crazy amazing it is to think that I inspire people to live life to the fullest! :')

anonymous: ???

KITMEY said...

your arty too ring is tdf. !!