Sunday, December 30, 2012

A walk in the park.

I would be lying if I say that sometimes, most times, fine, ALL the time, I think longingly of the beautiful weather and scenery that my sister and friends in Australia enjoy. Based on my experience, somehow countries with 4 seasons always have more scenic environments, whether it's winter or summer! And spring/ fall is always heavenly. I am most envious of all the beautiful outdoors at these countries! Able to cycle around lush parks, have picnics under the tree.... Aah.

For me, the closest that I can come to such activities in Malaysia is in Desa Park City. Sometimes when the boyfriend and I have nothing to do, we will just pop by at the park and just take a leisure stroll, cooing over the puppies brought out for walks (cooing only done by me). Once, we even walked into the middle of a dog obedience exam! There were at least thirty dogs of all kinds of species then, all waiting for their turn at the test. It was quite hilarious to some of the more stubborn dogs at the exams, hehe.

I harbor secret dreams that one day I will bring my own puppy for a walk at Desa Park City! Well, not so much a secret now since I have told you guys. ;)

Like I mentioned, our walks at Desa Park City are usually pretty impromptu! Hence I was caught in heels. My new favorite heels by the way. And I am aware that at a glance, I looked like I was tiptoeing, haha.

Studded chambray dress: AZORIAS
Bangles: Topshop/ H&M/ Korea
Ring: Maria Francesca
Sunnies: Celine
Ankle strap shoes with perspex heels: Jeffrey Campbell
Bag: Alexander Wang Emile tote

Denim and studs? Oh yes please.

Just remind me to not wear to to the airport. I bet the metal sensors at immigration checks will have a field day.

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

X'mas stuff.

Mmmphh, maybe it's all the year-end festivities, but I have been feeling ridiculously happy for the past few days!

Cookie at a Christmas party on Christmas eve:

  Those are tiny pearls on my revamped french manicure-- my own design, hehe. I wanted festive and X'mas-like nails, so I got them done over the weekend. Do you like them? :D

Since these are gel nails, they should last me till end of next month. By then, it's time for a new manicure for Chinese New Year! Will be fun to think of something totally different but yet red (for auspiciousness) for CNY. :D

Back to a Christmas-related note, AZORIAS is having an extended Boxing Day sale, whereby you get 10% off storewide (sorry ar, the actual Boxing Day sale has ended, if you missed out on it, you must sign up for the newsletter here), even on sale items! Hop on over to shop till you drop.

Hope all of you had a lovely Merry Christmas! :)

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Boys know best?

One of my favorite places to go to over the weekend is Yut Kee at Jalan Dang Wangi, Kuala Lumpur, which probably needs no introduction to KL kids. My grandparents went to Yut Kee when they were young, so you can imagine how old is this place! I just like the old-school charm of the place (since 1928!!), and the food is pretty decent as well (rumor has it that its food used to be way better in the older days, but personally it is still decent to me).The boyfriend usually brings me there when he wants to score brownie points with me, haha.

Happy 'cause we got our own table! The lunch crowd (even at 2.30pm -_-) is CRAZY, so it is common to have to share tables. How do you like the old-school interior!

My staple-- Hainanese pork chop. One of the best pork chops in town, I reckon. Especially at its price! Tender and juicy. But the serving is a bit small for me (*ahem*) so usually we order some sides as well.

Such as the Roti Babi, one of their specials. But for this dish, I have to admit that the standards have dropped! When I first learned driving (that was 10 years ago FML), my driving instructor would make me drive to KL and treat me Roti Babi, and it was way tastier back then.

Anyway, one of my favorite bit about Yut Kee is that it was run by 3 generations consecutively (all of them the only son to take over the business), and the reason why I know about it is 'cause I have read about it in different publications. You can read one of the articles here. The fact that it is a family legacy makes it heart-warming for me. See, food is not only about the stomach, it is about the heart too!

Ok moving on to my outfit of the day hehe.

I have always wanted a neon colored bag, and this See by Chloe one is perfect! Love how the loud color clashes with the cutesy design.

Wearing a happy animal cartoon print dress from AZORIAS.

I have a little back story on this dress. Now, my boyfriend doesn't understand animal prints, and I thought he would HATE this dress what with all the strange animal in bright funky colors. But during the day, he looked at me quietly and asked me, "Where is this dress from?" to which I lowered my head and answered sheepishly, "AZORIAS", thinking that he would scold me for bringing in such a 'weird' dress. Instead, he looked at it appreciatively and said-- "Nice. I like it."

!!!!!!! I can't think of a single animal print/ shaped item I have that the boyfriend likes. But I guess he does know best because this dress sold like hot cakes on AZORIAS!

I don't have a close-up of the print on my dress, but here's a picture that I stole from AZORIAS' Instagram:

It's a white version, but the print is the same. SO HAPPY right the print! :D (Both the black and white versions are all sold out now, and NOT restockable, sorry girls!)

Arm party on the other hand. I get a lot of compliments on this neon spiked bracelet! If you like it as much as I do wtf, I suggest you better quickly check out AZORIAS' FB page for the Christmas Giveaway. ;)

Happy cartoon animal print dress: AZORIAS
Bracelets: Korea/ ASOS
Sunnies: Celine
Suede slippers with gold tassels: Korea
Bag: See by Chloe

One of my favorite Sunday outfits in awhile. :)

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Good feeling about 2013.

So sorry that I haven't blogged in over a week! Usually I at least try to blog during the weekend, but last Friday night I mysteriously developed a bad flu with a sore throat to boot. By Saturday I was having a fever and lost my voice. -_- In fact, I only had ONE activity during the weekend-- sleep. I slept almost 30 hours over the weekend. -______-

Then yesterday (Monday), I started wheezing(mildly) and also suffering short-of-breathe, so I told my mom just that. She got really worried and straightaway called my dad who was on call (back story: My dad is a doctor, a paeditrician to be exact), and started screaming down the phone, "Your daughter can't breathe!!! You better come home now!!" My dad came home, checked my lungs with his stethoscope ('cause he just returned from the hospital), and told me "You need a nap". I was like, yea sure, I am going to sleep now. And he was like no, you need a nap in the hospital. I was trying to argue with him that nah I prefer to sleep on my bed when he told me NEB, as in nebulizer. Oh I see. -_-
To cut the story short, I went to the hospital at midnight, and I must admit, having a doctor as a dad means that I can walk into the emergency ward #LikeABoss.

This is my kucing terbiar/ sick patient face. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a nebulizer.

Anyway, I am feeling better today! Still all phlegmy and constantly fatigued, but I am super cheerful and uplifted about a few news that makes me absolutely convinced that 2013 is gonna be a GREAT year!

1. Jing got a job in Australia!! I am really really happy for her, though of course it means that short-lived dream of her working near home (she also got an offer in SG) is, well, short-lived. But working in Australia is what she wants, and I am ecstatic that she got it! Especially considering the fact that she HAS to get an offer by 2012 else she has to leave Australia, and it's almost end-December!

2. One of my bestest, oldest friends (the friendship, not the person wtf) just got engaged!!!

3. Guess which lucky girl is going to Europe in May 2013? :D :D :D

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Obsessive compulsive bow addict.

Forget about matching components of outfits according to color or prints, I have taken it to the next level-- matching according to BOWS!

#1. Bow on bow: Bow appliqué shirt from AZORIAS and bow-detailed denim shorts.

Full outfit! Spot the hidden Mickey bows LOL.

Bow appliqué shirt: AZORIAS
Bow-detailed denim shorts: Korea
Vintage angel pendant necklace: Thrifted
Pale pink bow cuff: Holiday in Bangkok
Rings: Assorted
Nude wedges with ankle straps: Korea
Bag: Alexander Wang

#2. Bow on bow on bow. This is bringing it to the next next level yo!

#3.  Bow and bow and bow and bow... Loving a white shirt with girlie details! But of course I had to tone it down with some leopard prints. :D


I am sure most of you have seen the 'Dumb ways to die' video! For those of you who haven't had the chance to, here it is:

Community service warning: The song will be stuck in your head for a looong time. 'Cause that was what happened to me. -_-

Super cute video! Final Destination in cartoon version WTF.

Showed the boyfriend and he got hooked onto it. Couldn't get it out of his head, and he played it on the loop for 3 hours while he slept. -__-

The next time I saw him,  he could sing the whole song without missing a single word of the lyrics. -__________-

Anyway, we found this super sohai video. Basically, it's 'Dumb ways to die', Real People version. Yes, there are real people actually doing those shit in the video WTF.

Watch it for laughs!! I especially liked the part where the grizzly bear smacked the person HAHAHAHA.

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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Waiting for tonight...

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On the day of J. Lo's concert, I hummed away in my room while the rain pitter-pattered away outside, laying the outfit I have chosen for the night on my bed, flicking through my accessories stand... and suddenly, a thought struck me like lightning. I ran into Teeny's room and asked her, "TEENY!! Is Stadium Merdeka indoors or outdoors?!!" She looked at me in horror. It has been raining for the entire afternoon.

I ran to my laptop and Google-d it. My worst fear was confirmed-- Stadium Merdeka (where the concert was supposed to be held) is an outdoor stadium. Gulp.

I tried to do the anti-thesis of a rain-dance in my room (to stop the rain instead of asking for rain) but it didn't work wtf. Instead, right before we headed down to KL, we obediently dropped by at Guardian and bought raincoats (which looked more like ponchos).

It was a slow ride to the city centre; the rain caused congestion everywhere, and it didn't help that the police closed the road into the stadium. We parked really far away from the stadium and after putting on our rain-ponchos, we trudged miserably towards the stadium. What uplifted our spirits a little is that there were a lot of people wearing raincoats in a myriad of colors walking the same direction as us-- all these people were going for J.Lo's concert too! Knowing that everyone is braving the rain for the concert with made me feel better. :)

Here we are at our seats! We deliberately chose seats in the shade with a not-so-great view of the stage-- despite the fact that our tickets actually allowed us to a good view of the stage BUT it was outdoors with no shade-- because we thought we would enjoy the concert more if we were warm and dry.

But check out the rest of the people who didn't mind getting wet at all for the concert! Everyone was in raincoats or under umbrellas, but the rain didn't dampened (har har) our spirits.

Also, the view kind of looks like a sea of colored condoms wtf.

The concert didn't start on time, because I think everyone was stuck in jams so the stadium was filling up slowly (though surely). This was what I wore underneath my raincoat (the bright yellow thing on our laps wtf)!

Pale peach scarf (tied around as a bustier): H&M
Navy highwaist tapered pants: Topshop
Necklaces: Korea
Pale pink pumps with gold ankle cuffs: Gallo
Ombre bow sling-clutch with studs: Holiday in Zhuhai

After an hour (punctuated with excited screams and whistles by the crowd here and there), they started playing a video of J.Lo getting ready.

There was a heightened anticipation in the air, we barely dared to breathe, because we knew that she was going to appear anytime soon! And voila, she magically appeared out of 'nowhere', and kicked off the show with "Get Right". The crowd went crazy!

As you can see, our view of the stage wasn't that great, so I stole some close-ups off the Internet...

This was her first outfit. You can also see the raindrops. T___T

True to J.Lo's style, there was a lot of slick, sharp dance moves, and I am sure every girl in the stadium that night wished to have her body!! T_T

One of my favorite part of the show was when she came out in a more 'ghetto' outfit-- cap, tee, sneakers with sequined harem pants. Here, J.Lo talked a bit of her background (she came from Bronx), and she performed some of her earlier hits like "I'm Real" and "Jenny from the Block". She seemed the most comfortable in this get-up, and part of me genuinely believes that she is still very much 'Real' and 'Jenny from the Block'.

Enjoying the music!

She also did an acoustic version of 'If you had my love", where she wore this ethereal dress. It was a nice twist from the faster dance hits done earlier in the show.

Another one of my favorite parts of the show was when she said that she believes in true love because of her children, and started performing a song (I didn't recognize the song) while playing videos of her and her kids in the background. It was very touching, and I teared a little bit and wished my mom was there for me to hug her wtf.

There was also one part where there was this green laser lights during the show which greatly reminded me of J.Lo's music video, "Waiting for tonight":

Another one of her outfits-- all of them shiny and glittery!

 Mid-dancing. #noshame

This is most likely taken during "Let's get Loud" because I had sooooo much fun dancing to that song on that night! :D

I was slightly disappointed though during the show that all of J.Lo's outfits were really covered up, which is quite a 180-degree turn from her usual stage get-ups that left little to imagination. But J.Lo doesn't disappoint. She was singing and shaking in a sequined suit with a fuchsia tie, when suddenly she just whips the whole outfit away, and she was shimmying in this:

Woohoo! That's more like it, J.Lo! I should also stress here that after that she shook her butt for 2 whole minutes with her back facing us. The heat sure went up in the stadium!

Alas, all good things do come to an end, but when the ending comes with silver confetti that looks like snowflakes floating in the air...

... Spirits just went higher! Everyone screamed loudly for an encore, and we got our wish. :D

I am no J.Lo fan, but I did enjoy every minute of the show, thanks to the marvelous performance put up by J.Lo and the super excited and adrenaline-driven crowd! So happy to be part of it. :D

Thank you, XPAX and the Cube!

Credits to for all close-up pictures of J.Lo.

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Monday, December 03, 2012

Battle of the phones...

The boyfriend and I were bantering on the subject of iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy phones. He was going on about how the iPhone 5 is a huge disappointment (no doubt it is), but I was pointing out the fact that everyone I know who uses a Samsung phone run into battery problems (#truestory)!

The boyfriend: Omg you are an Apple evangelist!

Me: *crossly* AM NOT!

The boyfriend: YES YOU ARE! *points* Look!

I looked down and here is what I saw:

Wearing apple print peplum top from AZORIAS-- highly recommended for Apple fans wtf.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cute things in my life recently.

One thing I love about traveling is that I get to collect a lot of adorable things that we can't find back home... Just thought I will do a compilation of some of the cute stuff in my life lately! Coincidentally, every picture is taken off my Instagram (@revelinme).

Since we are on the subject, I have a pet peeve related to Instagram-- people who post disgusting/ yucky things on Instagram!!! Instagram is supposed to be a filtered realm of beautiful imagery, but I have seen people posting gross things like a bleeding stump of limb and animal corpses!!! Ugh. Instagram is my visual escapade, so imagine this sequence of images: Neon bikinis and palm trees (Wow). Sparkly arm jewels (Lust!). Bright lip color (Yummy...). And then... Bloody foot. -__-

Anyway, on to happier and prettier visuals!

Went on a Hello Kitty spree in Korea recently. Mostly gifts for the office!

New phone cover for Fall! Yes, I dress my phone according to moods and seasons. Am in love with my lipstick earcap. :D

Prettiest iced water ever-- baby strawberry frozen in a tubular ice cube! As the ice melts, your water takes on a hint of strawberry taste.

Current nails! I don't think my nails have ever been this pretty before. :') It's pastel leopard print with bows, by the way.

Current earphones.

What? I am cute too okay. Wearing AZORIAS top, click *here* for more outfit details.

Socks to keep me warm in Korea! Do you see the ears on the socks, hehe.

Unicorn clutch., 'nuff said.

Which one is your favorite? :D

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Moving out!

I haven't really said anything about it, but we are shifting to a new office this week! It has been rather crazy lately, with a lot of moving, packing, lugging, sealing, stacking. Also wished I could split myself into a few parts so that coordinating times to meet the contractor, wiring guys and movers would have been easier. But today, when (almost) all the furniture was assembled,  I stood back to look around the new place, and it was a moving moment. We used to work in a shared office, and now we sort of have our own place! :)

We still have 10 shelves to assemble by ourselves though! Any volunteers ar. I buy you ice cream hehe.

Packing our stock reminded me that I owe the blog a lot of outfit pictures! Here is a sneak peek of the skirt pictured above as part of our packing endeavors i.e. Crochet lace overlay skirt from AZORIAS!

Maybe I will post more photos of the new office when we are done packing/ furnishing! Stay tuned! :D

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