Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tokyo 2012: Day 1 (Part 1)

I have to admit, I was really uninspired to blog about Tokyo... simply because there are so many pictures! Everytime I open my photo folder, I let out a 'phewwwwww' and close the window. :/ But you guys left some really sweet comments in my previous post, and that motivates me to just get down and dirty wtf.

So here you go, our Day 1 in Tokyo! Part 2 will be of random pictures that don't really fit anywhere.

First stop was Ueno! Which is kind of like the Petaling Street of Tokyo (to me). A lot of markets and stalls/ hawkers, and is arguably the cheapest place in Tokyo. Imagine my shock when I saw like really ugly shoes at a stall going for RM200++. That gives you an inkling of how expensive things are in Japan. :/


*Right-click to view larger image*

We actually took a night flight and reached Tokyo at like 5am in the morning. T___T Hotel check-in was at 3pm, so we left our luggage at the hotel concierge and started on our trip straightaway. Not before running into the lobby restroom to freshen up, of course. And I use that term loosely. 'Freshening-up' included brushing our teeth, our usual 3-step cleanse-tone-moisturize regime, make-up, frantic salvation of our hair (plane-hair, not so attractive), complete change of clothes.... The Japanese women who went to the restroom were not amused, heh.


One of the most popular food stall! This guy has showmanship, he made really dramatic motions with everything he did, even if it's something as simple as scattering carrot bits. -_-

But it worked! Because we became his customer too, haha.


Super greedy face waiting for my turn (the entire family shared a piece because we wanted to save our appetite to try more stuff!).


You can't blame my greedy face! Look at how yummy it looked, especially with the runny yolk... Since I've started watching Masterchef, I get really turned on by perfectly cooked eggs wtf.


Just how cultured and disiplined are the Japanese? Well, shortly after we were served with our thingamajig (I don't know the name 'cause I couldn't read the Japanese words T_T), we were hastily shoo-ed to eat behind this white line!! Imagine, hawker!? This level of discipline!?


Random picture on the streets, it was FRIGGING COLD! In fact, when we touched down, the pilot announced that it was -5 degrees. -___-


Market at Ueno.


Hahaha, there is a funny story attached to this photo. Jing was randomly snapping pictures of anything and everything, and then at the corner of my eye I saw Jing taking a photo of a poor beggar squatting by the side of the road. I started telling her off ("it's rude to take pictures of a beggar...") when the "beggar" stood up and it's none other than my flesh and blood sister HAHAHAHAHA.


More street food! Long queue for takoyaki. The funny thing is, we ate the exact same thing at the exact same place on the first day of our Tokyo trip in 2006.

Ahh, my father, a creature of habit wtf.


No complains, 'cause it was super yummy! In fact, I was scolding my mom for over-ordering, 'cause I was haughtily exclaiming that I don't really like takoyaki, but after my first bite I was like omgwtfbbq!! So delicious, unlike the ones in KL. :/


Random picture of me being a sun-catcher. Because when I was exposed to the sun, it didn't feel as cold, brrr.


My first official meal in Tokyo! A simple meal of katsu-don. I didn't even like katsu-don in the past; till a friend in Korea brought me to this AWESOME katsu-don restaurant in Seoul (yea, of all places)... Since then, I've been hooked!


Sitting at separate tables (you can spot Brother Hoe behind) because most restaurants in Tokyo are not capable of seating such a large party. :(


The making of dorayaki! Basically Japanese kuih filled with red bean paste (I apologize for the unsophisticated description T_T).

All I could think of was that it cost RM12 for one piece of this! :O I am sorry, throughout all my Tokyo blog posts, I am going to reiterate how expensive stuff are in Tokyo. But I threw all caution to the wind when I bit into the dorayaki and found out that it was filled to the brim with red bean paste. To the BRIM! BURSTING!



My dad was really ambitious to ensure we hit Ginza as well before going back to the hotel to check in.

Tip: If you are planning to make a visit to Ginza, make sure to go on a weekend as Ginza Street is closed off to traffic, and is instead open to pedestrians/ shoppers/ visitors. On weekdays it's just a busy road filled with cars!


Pretty woman, walking down the street~~ *shameless*


Ginza is basically filled with atas designer boutiques... So atas that it was a little boring and sterile for my tastes, to be honest. I don't know about you guys, but when I travel, I don't really like to waste my time at places that are available in KL. I want to breath and absorb the culture of the place!!


There was an attraction at Ginza-- a few fat cats sleeping on a pole! :O They were just squashed on top of each other, and sleeping peacefully... Is that even possible? I had 2 theories: (1) they were sedated; (2) they are fake cats wtf.

But hypothesis (2) was rejected shortly because I later saw the cats leaving with the owner. HOW COME AR??? Are they trained to do it...


Oh delicious ramen with char siu, I love you so.


You have to order from a vending machines in most (small) Japanese eateries. Quite a challenge considering we can't read Japanese. -_- So it's like a jackpot-- will you get what you want? wtf


Shinjuku at night.


It was an average of 4 degrees in Tokyo (lower at night), so let's do this-- guess how many layers of clothing I had on? :P

All will be revealed in my next outfit post, haha.

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

The best we have ever looked.

Do you make new year resolutions?

This year, I made some. I will not lay all of them here as some are personal; but these are a few that I can share with you all! Coincidentally, they are all blog-related, heh.

1) Tweet more.
It's been almost a year since I've opened my Twitter account, but I find that it's still unnatural for me to jot down my thoughts anytime, anywhere; like all avid tweeters. Once I've said it in my head, I consider it tweeted WTF. But this year, that's going to change! I am going to overcome my social awkwardness on Twitter, so please support me over here.

2) Blog more
Since AZORIAS was launched, my blog has taken a backseat, and if I were to go through my archives over the past few months, entries were more sporadic and infrequent; in fact, it wasn't unusual to see me not blogging for over a week. But this shall change this year! A promise to myself is to blog more frequently, blog more useful/ engaging content, and to have more meaningful exchanges with you guys.

3) New blog layout
This has been my new year resolution for the past 2 years. -_- But this year has to be the year! Because my layout has been the same for the past 6 years. *dark* In fact, I am going to email someone I have in mind for the blog layout right after this.

Also, lately I noticed that you guys have been commenting more, and for that, I want to say, thank you merci beaucoup domo arigato gazie gamsahamnida... you get the point wtf. I think I can speak for most bloggers that one of the most fulfilling things that you can get from blogging is feedback/ comments from your readers! More so than hits/ traffic/ number of followers racked up on your sidebar. It's like a singer that sings alone in an auditorium, y'know? Tak syok wtf. When you comment, I feel motivated to blog. Think of it as a food chain, you produce, I lap it up and in turn produce somemore wtf...

I thank you all in advance with an awkward back stretch. A stretch a day keeps the massuese at bay WTF.

And hoo boy, why are we so attractive.

I would do myself in a second WTF.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

New year, new hair.

So recently I've been receiving quite a bit of queries regarding hair treatment!

Is it 'cause you guys can tell the difference in my hair. *shy*

So I am going to talk about a new hair treatment that I tried recently! But first up, some outfit pictures...

What I wore to do my hair. :)

This was after my hair was done! Besides the treatment, I also rebonded my hair as well as touched up my roots. The hairstylist was careful to not make my hair too straight, and he even taught me how to use a curling thong to lightly thong my ends in (my favorite hairstyle!)! He took all of 5 minutes to make my hair look like that with a curling thong. T__T

By the way, you girls have any good curling thong to recommend? My hairstylist used a Babyliss 38mm (tip: go for a big diameter to achieve natural, relaxed waves/curls!), so I am thinking of going for the same one, but if you girls have any other brands to recommend, that would be much appreciated! :)

I planned my outfit around my mom's new bag from Dubai! I am not the only who plans outfit around a certain featured item that I want to wear right...

Love the collar of my plaid blouse! Wore it with a vintage necklace with dried flower petals in a glass pendant.

These Zara pumps don't get too much wear, I don't know why... But they are quite comfy though! Can't say the same for most Zara shoes. *grim*

Plaid blouse with crochet collar: Korea
Denim ripped shorts: Korea
Vintage necklace with dried flower petals' pendant: Thrifted (Camberwell market, Melbourne)
Daisy ring: Part of a set from Miss Selfridge
Denim pumps with bow: Zara
Red patent slingbag with bow: Salvatore Ferragamo

So anyway, for those of you have been asking, I went to 76 Style (Mt. Kiara branch), and I did an ion treatment which turned out to be the best hair treatment I have ever done! Thanks to Ringo's recommendation. :) It costs RM250 for my hair length/ thickness (and I've a lot of hair, mind you), and is recommended to be done on a monthly basis. So far, I am really satisfied with the results, my hair is the healthiest it has looked/ felt, I am definitely going to try doing it on a monthly basis! Will keep you girls updated! :)

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

NAPBAS 2011.

Finally got off my butt to blog about the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards (NAPBAS)!

It kind of felt like going to prom, discussing with fellow bloggers beforehand about what to wear, making make-up/ hair appointments, going for last-minute manicures... Even the venue of the awards was the same as my university ball a couple of years back-- Putrajaya Marriot! *pangs of melancholy*

With Bobo, whom I clicked with before we even officially met! We started with chatting on Twitter, then Whatsapp, then we started going out.. Just like the process of dating WTF.

There are boards with all the nominees' profiles. This one is for the Most Influential Blogger award, I think.

With Joyce, my dinner partner for the night!

This time with Audrey. I have this other prettier picture of us which turned out a little blurry, so I settled for this one instead-- anyway, it depicts our sohai-ness better wtf.

The Grand Ballroom! Very overwhelming indeed, there were bloggers from Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Australia, China, Brunei, and obviously from Malaysia as well!

Soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs Tiah! :) Watch their viral proposal video here if you haven't already (which planet are you from then!!)!

My favorite part of any event-- food!

HAHAHAHA Audrey had to sit at the VIP table with Tim (Nuffnang co-founder) and could not sit with the rest of the bloggers.

Everyone at my table perked up immediately once the beer arrived! That's Haze Long and Jin (from Hitz.fm) + partner.

Love how the nominees' details were displayed right before the winner was announced! This is for Best Lifestyle Blog. Btw the guy in the picture is Kenny Sia!

I was seated with some of the crème de la crème of M'sia blogsphere-- there's Kenny Sia, Joyce, KY (KY Speaks), Huai Bin (Sixth Seal), Jin and Suanie!

Dessert. Actually after this there was a platter of cookies, but by then everyone was scrambling to take pictures (bloggers will be bloggers), and I could only look at the cookies forlornly. T_T

All the nominees were invited onstage for a group shot!

Like this picture 'cause Joyce is so fascinated with the baby. :P

With Hanis, whom I had the honor to dress for the event! She loved her dress, and everyone loved it too! She literally stopped people in their tracks/ mid-conversation, and I heard people asking "Omg, I love her dress! Where is it from!"*beams* If only I can dress people for a living!

With Xia Xue, the winner of the night (Most Influential Blog/ Best Regional Blog), and Ringo, winne of Best Fashion Blog. AZORIAS sponsors Ringo, so you can imagine how proud I felt! :)

Yo whassup, Huai Bin!

Pinky, part of the deep-V clan. :P

With the big boss himself!

Outfit details:

I actually bought a (short) dress for the event during my Korea trip recently; however as luck had it, I got a scar on my leg a few days before the event, and I decided I want to wear a long dress to hide the scar. And thus my quest for a perfect long dress started.

When I first laid eyes on this plum sequined dress, I was with with my boyfriend. Surprisingly enough, when he saw me try it on, he actually have his thumbs-up! Potentially, this dress is everything he will hate-- Full on sequins? Check. Plunging deep-V neckline? Check. Long maxi skirt? Check. But yet I had his approval? I knew then I have something special on my hands. ;)

Nonetheless I didn't want to spend so much on a dress, especially when I have already bought another dress intended for the occasion. But aah, I guess Lady Luck was smiling at me, 'cause on the same day that I was lamenting to my mom about the dress, she found a birthday voucher in the mail!

I guess you can guess the ending to this story. ;)

Wore it with a rabbit fur clutch to break the 'harshness' and monotony of all the sequined glory.

Black velvet block heels (needed super high heels as my dress was really long!) with gold trimmings to tie in nicely with the gold touches of my outfit.

Like this beautiful neckpiece with rub-red stones, for example.

Plum sequined plunge-neck dress: Eclipse
Gold pendant necklace with red stones: Korea
Crystal stacked rings: Swarovski
Velvet block heels with gold trimmings: Topshop
Rabbit fur clutch with bejeweled clasp: Calvin Klein

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