Thursday, January 19, 2012

Let's talk CNY.

What are you wearing for Chinese New Year? :)

I dug through my old archives to find out what out my CNY outfits for the past few years:



This was an era before I started posting outfit pictures!




First day of CNY. *Click*

2nd day of CNY. *Click*


First day of CNY. *Click*

2nd day of CNY. *Click*

As you can see, I always opt for red for CNY! Except for year 2009, whereby I decided to go for yellow since I thought it's considered as a prosperous color too... Guess what, that turned out to be one of the worst years of my life. -__- Call me superstitious, but after that, it's red and only red for me!

So the question is, what will I be wearing this year? ;)

Sneak peek of my main CNY outfits this year (i.e. first and second day of CNY):

Most likely will be wearing this one for the first day!

It's a Valentino-copy, as seen on Alexa Chung:

Can't wait to style the dress to make it my own, just like how Alexa did! ('cause the dress is really girlie, and I am not really a girlie girl)

Very yummy leather collar with scalloped edges and laser cut-outs.

What other ways are there to get into the CNY mood? Hmm, what about sending Chinese New Year cards? (I can't remember when was the last time I received a physical CNY card T_T). Lion dance? Fortune cookies? Reading up on CNY trivia and history? Finding out the destiny for your new year under your Chinese zodiac sign?

What if I tell you there is ONE avenue whereby you can achieve all of the above?

Maybank has implemented a special Chinese New Year application on Facebook!

You can custom make a lion dance greeting card and send it to any of your Facebook friends:

Here I am customizing the movements of the lion, as well as choosing the right dong-chiang-dong-chiang music for my card, ehehe.

After you are done, just click 'Send', and voila, your intended recipient will receive a CNY card like no other!

Timeout: Shuffling tigers refer to the video below which impressed the boyfriend immensely -_- :

You can also find out what is in store for you for the new year-- the application takes into account the Western and Chinese zodiacs.

If you ever had any doubts about how stubborn I am... Guys, I am an OX + Taurus = ULTRA BULL-ISH.

You can also read up on some interesting facts about Chinese New Year...

And I was right! Wearing red is the best!

Mental note: need to let my parents know about the giving two Ang Paos bit.

My fortune cookie:

Is this thing psychic or what?? Couldn't agree more. :)

Like Maybank on Facebook now, and check out this special Chinese New Year application-- you stand a chance to win a RM250 ang pao (awarded daily), and have a real lion dance in your home!

Now, just let me check with Maybank whether it's possible to arrange for a tiger shuffle instead of a lion dance....


PS: I was having a conversation with my staff today... New clothes is a must for CNY, but do you guys buy new lingerie? Very intrigued to find out! :P

(I don't! T_T)

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xiang yun said...

How you manage to become tinier with each CNY??? T_T New lingerie is a must for me. WTF literally everything must be new!

revel in me said...

xiang yun: Haha no way! I have been around weight since uni! (minus those fat aussie days T_T)

You would be proud of me, I just bought new lingerie today! Hehe