Friday, January 27, 2012

New year, new hair.

So recently I've been receiving quite a bit of queries regarding hair treatment!

Is it 'cause you guys can tell the difference in my hair. *shy*

So I am going to talk about a new hair treatment that I tried recently! But first up, some outfit pictures...

What I wore to do my hair. :)

This was after my hair was done! Besides the treatment, I also rebonded my hair as well as touched up my roots. The hairstylist was careful to not make my hair too straight, and he even taught me how to use a curling thong to lightly thong my ends in (my favorite hairstyle!)! He took all of 5 minutes to make my hair look like that with a curling thong. T__T

By the way, you girls have any good curling thong to recommend? My hairstylist used a Babyliss 38mm (tip: go for a big diameter to achieve natural, relaxed waves/curls!), so I am thinking of going for the same one, but if you girls have any other brands to recommend, that would be much appreciated! :)

I planned my outfit around my mom's new bag from Dubai! I am not the only who plans outfit around a certain featured item that I want to wear right...

Love the collar of my plaid blouse! Wore it with a vintage necklace with dried flower petals in a glass pendant.

These Zara pumps don't get too much wear, I don't know why... But they are quite comfy though! Can't say the same for most Zara shoes. *grim*

Plaid blouse with crochet collar: Korea
Denim ripped shorts: Korea
Vintage necklace with dried flower petals' pendant: Thrifted (Camberwell market, Melbourne)
Daisy ring: Part of a set from Miss Selfridge
Denim pumps with bow: Zara
Red patent slingbag with bow: Salvatore Ferragamo

So anyway, for those of you have been asking, I went to 76 Style (Mt. Kiara branch), and I did an ion treatment which turned out to be the best hair treatment I have ever done! Thanks to Ringo's recommendation. :) It costs RM250 for my hair length/ thickness (and I've a lot of hair, mind you), and is recommended to be done on a monthly basis. So far, I am really satisfied with the results, my hair is the healthiest it has looked/ felt, I am definitely going to try doing it on a monthly basis! Will keep you girls updated! :)

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Anonymous said...

thank you hui wen for sharing this. happy chinese new year

miss hazel said...

I was there for a haircut the other day. :)

Saw you but decided not to say hi, since it was pretty awkward to talk with your hair under all that stuff! :p

Kim L said...

You girls have the nicest handbags!! That ferragamo sling is too cute!! :)

I use a GHD IV styler , a round barrel straightener to curl my hair. I like how I can curl and also straighten my hair with only one tool. :)

accidental encounters

Lai Yen Yi said...

Your hair looks great with the curls. Thanks for sharing this, I really love your vintage necklace. Oh, I'm a vintage lover! Happy Chinese New Year to you!

revel in me said...

anonymous: My pleasure! Happy chinese new year to you too! <3

miss hazel: AHHHH my most unglam moment expose hehe. Y U NO SAY HI!!!

kim: correction: our mom has the nicest handbags! :P But her is ours *waves hand dismissively* hehe.. I heard GHD is the BEST! But more for straightening though, is that correct?

lai yen yi: Actually it's not really curls, he just thong-ed the ends to curl inwards! But he's super good, made it look really natural.. T_T High five, vintage lover buddy, happy cny to you too! :)

Jo said...

<3 babyliss curling thongs! They have this range which makes the hair look soft and shiny at the same time, go check it out ;)

jeanchristie said...

lol, when you said babyliss 38mm i was like DEJI SAN!

Anoko R. said...

Hui Wen, where did you do your hair? Care to share? Is your original hair straight? I wanted to do rebonding but scared it might flatten my hair..

Abby said...

hi hui wen, can i know where do u get your babyliss 38mm from? or where i could get it at the most reasonable price?:)

revel in me said...

jo: Omg, best tip ever, thank you so much! :)

jeanchristie: Eh, how come? :)

anoko: It's 76 style, all the details are in my blog entry! My hair is straight with a bit of obstinate wave, but when my hairstylist rebonded my hair he made sure to not leave the chemicals on for too long, so that my hair won't end up too straight/ volume-less!

abby: I don't have the curling iron yet! Still surveying to see which one is best.. :)

Anoko R. said...

Hui Wen, thanks!! ^_^

jeanchristie said...

cos he told me the same thing haha ;)

Anonymous said...

hui wen , tried the iron sonic treatment last weekend at mid valley, like u said, that really the best treatment i ever tried. i still feel the softness now. really have to thank you , they gave me 20 % discount when they knew i found out this treatment from u and ringo. Hope i have the chance to thanks u personally, wish u don't mind if i come to u to say hi , if i bump into u.

by the way , was mentioning this treatment to ken from wenawave one day, he said loreal also got one treatment, if i not remember wrongly, named extenso, 50 % treatment, 50 % smoothen ur hair texture. it not rebonding. it make ur hair soft and shining every time after the hair wash. not really have chance to find out more. Maybe can ask yen next time.

btw, congratulation for ur cpa. ;D