Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Time off.

Time out for my Tokyo trip pictures for today, 'cause I need time to sort out our library of photos from the trip...

All 1,500++ of them. *weak smile*

Just a simple outfit post today, and as the title suggests, a time-off outfit for a lazy weekend.

Lazy, HOT, weekend. Thus the bunned-up hair. The weather is atrocious lately! I also usually tie up my hair when I hate my hair.

Which leads me... I HAVE NEW HAIR, PEOPLE! You can sorta catch a glimpse of it from my Tokyo pictures, and I love it! My hair is so soft and silky now. T_T

Wearing a slouchy, airy silk blouse that was really cooling despite the sweltering weather. Trivia for you guys, one of my favorite prints is chain-link prints!

Chain-link print double-breasted shirt: Korea
Denim ripped shorts: Korea
Gold chain with black feather: Holiday in Taiwan
Gold cross knuckle ring: F21
Tortoiseshell round sunnies: Korea
Leopard print jelly flats: Tory Burch
Bag: Miu Miu

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Anonymous said...

what treatment did you use to make your hair soft and silky? mine is really rough and damaged from all the chemicals :(

revel in me said...

Anonymous: I did this Japanese ion treatment at 76style! :)