Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tokyo 2012: The Redemption.

So, I'm not sure many of you are aware of this, but our recent Tokyo trip is not the first time we have been to Tokyo. Our first trip was back in 2006 (during sakura season!), and whilst we had a lovely, lovely time, one of our biggest regret from the trip was that we were badly dressed during that trip!

It was difficult for me to find pictorial evidence of our dressing during our 2006 Tokyo trip (I've lost the pictures in my old laptop), but I managed to dig up a few pictures from my blog archives.

HAHAHAHHA look at how fat Brother Hoe was.

Generally my sisters and I take certain pride in dressing up, but during that trip, it was as if our fashion sense flew out of the window!

If you don't believe me, check this out:

HAHAHAHHAHAHAH this is Ting's Princess Jasmine headband from Tokyo Disneyland, HAHAHAHHAHAHHAH.


Anyway, my mom was really anal that we stayed warm and comfortable during the trip, so there was no questions about it-- windbreakers were the outerwear uniform, and sneakers were the only acceptable footwear.

I know it doesn't sound that bad, but trust me, if you have seen how the Japanese girls dress on a daily basis, you will understand why we felt like worms for most of our trip wtf.

So when we found out about the recent Tokyo trip, unanimously our first thought was: "YES! REDEMPTION TIME!" And we ignored our mom's pleas for us to wear sneakers (veto-ed), to wear puffy windbreakers (ignored), and bring thermal wear ("speak to the hand, mom!"), hehe.

Behold, almost 6 years later... REDEMPTION TIME!!!

As you can see, my mom was still with her windbreaker HAHAHAHAHA.

I reckoned we did okay! It is possible to still be stylish while you travel, and it's a skill that I only picked up in the last few years. And the best part is, we managed to stay warm and comfortable (disclaimer wtf: for most of the trip) so my mom had nothing to say! In fact, she said she want to steal a few pages out of our books on how to dress while traveling, haha.

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Kim L said...

I think you girls did fab ! :)

ally said...

Love the photo of ting's hair and gold tipped collar <3

spintillyoucrash said...

your styles have evolved amazingly over the years- i could Never Travel Stylishly, so good on the 3 of you!

loving all the unique collars ;)

revel in me said...

kim l: Haha, thank you! <3

ally: Her hair is damn BRAVE!

spintillyoucrash: Hell yea our styles have changed! And still evolving.. :P Thank you dear!

Eve said...

very nice set of photos~ !

mustardqueen said...

alison: EH EH Got abit like tumblr or not wtf!

Jing said...

I was looking at the BEFORE and i thought to myself, 'We didn't look too bad what!' :P Somehow i remembered us looking alot worse!

revel in me said...

eve: Thank you! All pictures taken overseas seemed nicer somehow T_T

ting: Eh don't forget who is the photographer hor! *blows nails* :P

jing: Haha, ya, I think these were the nicer photos (that's why they were selected to be posted on my blog last time!), the uglier ones are trapped in the land of nowhere PHEWWW wtf

Anonymous said...

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Thanks :)

ally said...

ting: YESSSS i was going to say that the shot looks like it was taken from tumblr! now wait for your head to kembang wtf

revel in me said...

anonymous: My heart is with you! My hairdresser screwed up my hair once too by perming it (when I didn't ask for one!), and my hair was forever ruined after that. T_T I am not really the best person to ask about hair advice, because my hair is not the healthiest around, but I highly recommend going for this ion treatment at 76style! It has been a month since I have done the treatment, and my hair is the softest, silkiest it has ever been... The effects of brazilian keratin treatment didn't last that long for me(about 1 month? maybe I didn't know how to take care of my hair), so yea, I am really contemplating doing the ion treatment on a monthly basis! Hope that helps! :)

misst said...

i love how you managed to dress stylishly and stay warm!
i'm always battling with that choice as well since i travel frequently to cold places. all the times i chose fashion over comfort i end up wishing i was warmer! i still can't dress for fashion since i'm horribly sensitive to the cold and layering just doesn't seem to work much for me (except maybe 8 layers of clothes, by which time i'm sure the fashionable pieces would look weird)

would love it if you wrote more in detail about how you managed the cold weather fashion!

its been awhile since i've been on this blog i'm going to go catch up the other posts now :)