Monday, January 02, 2012

What I wore-- Christmas edition

I wish you a Merry Christmas....

... and a Happy New Year! wtf

Happy 2012! :)

2012 was off to an awkward start for me-- I completely lost my voice. -_-

All I can do is croak and make sign languages...
And Jing is now my official messenger-- I will whisper to her whatever I want to express, and she will help me pass the message. T__T
I tried getting into a conversation that day, and everyone's voice drowned mine so I was left as an outsider. T___T
My ex-colleagues used to joke that even when I was in SG my family in KL could still hear me WTF. And now, now I feel so pained and handicapped, because I have never experienced people not being able to hear me before! *fist choke*

I also tried to seek sympathy from my mom, who coldly told me that this is god's punishment to me for being too noisy usually. T______________________T

Since I can't talk, writing/ typing is the only way I can communicate wtf. So please enjoy my only mode of communication now wtf.

Christmas day!

Swarovski rings.

Our little haven for the day.

Red and green for X'mas.

Pastas for Jing and I.

New heels from Singapore. Love the tortoiseshell heels.

Sugar high.

Shirt is coming soon on AZORIAS.

Thirst quencher.


Slouchy printed Georgette shirt: AZORIAS (coming soon)
Denim shorts: Korea
Silver chain: Korea
Rings: Swarovski
Suede pumps with tortoiseshell heel: Topshop
Green envelope clutch: Korea

Aside from the loss of my voice, I reckon 2012 is off to a pretty good start. In less than 4 days, I will be off to Tokyo! :)

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