Tuesday, February 28, 2012

High street gal.

I am speaking the obvious now... But guys! Check out my new layout! :P

Kim, my web designer sneakily made the new layout go live while I was asleep... So I myself did a double take when I opened my blog yesterday and saw the new layout displayed in my eyes! I am pretty sure I rubbed my eyes at least thrice, hehehe.

As you guys can see, I've taken heed of your opinions and opted for the first banner in my previous post here (majority of the votes went to the first option; like 90% of the votes?). However, I've also incorporated certain elements from the second option (the body of the layout now is mainly adapted from the 2nd option). How do you all like it? :)

It's currently still a work-in-progress; I still want to clean up my side bar, and I still need to do the write-ups for the pages... But it feels incredibly amazing to blog on the new layout! Everything feels so clean and fresh... like a new relationship wtf. *strokes blog-layout like an obsessed lady*

Since I am already on the topic, I thought it would be most apt to blog about an outfit that you all surely will recognize by now. You might as well get acquainted with it because you will be looking at it for the next few years year at least.

Does it look familiar? Hehehe.
*Hint: Refer to top of page wtf.

Accessories for the day.

I blogged about this pair of H&M red cigarette pants in my recent Tokyo haul post. It was on sale, and I got it for about RM80++, I think? Pretty decent for a pair pants, I reckon!

It was clearly a play-with-my-hair kinda day.

Favorite necklace of the moment again.

Wearing one of my favorite tanks-- not only is it silk, and has a bias hem, it also comes with this amazing cut-out racer-back with a cowl-back. One word-- amazing. Hands down one of my favorite piece of basics!

Outfit details:

Silk tank with cut-out back: Topshop
Red cigarette pants: H&M
Chain and diamante choker: Korea
Hematite beaded bracelet with matte gold pendant: ASOS
Embellished bangles with semi-precious stones: Bangkok
Gold cross ring: Maria Francesca
Round tortoiseshell sunniesL Korea
Velvet pumps with tortoiseshell heels: Topshop
Gold glitter clutch with chain: Zara

It isn't usual for me to be in high street brands (almost) top-to-toe , I have to admit.


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What is this all about? In all honesty, even I don't know myself. :/

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

I am on TV!

The Star TV, that is, hehe.

Sometime ago, Belinda from The Star contacted me to shoot a fashion video about me and my blog. We met up and came up with a lot of cool ideas that we wanted to do for the video, but alas, as Murphy's Law will have it, we ended up with a really tight deadline (revised deadline by editor + I was due to fly off to Korea) and I was sick on the day of the shoot (actually during the week of the shoot T_T), so we sort of scraped a lot of the ideas and did a simple video of me sharing some outfits that I wear to work.

I still cringe when I see myself in a video (or hear my voice in recorded audio), but I am throwing caution to the wind wtf and share the video with you guys!

You can also click *here* to watch the video.

The video was shot when I was having some hiccups with my skin (subsequently I discovered a product which helped me a lot, I will share with you guys soon!). :(

I still feel kind of shy watching the video, especially the interview part! I don't really have an issue with public speaking, so when Belinda asked me before the interview, "Are you nervous?", I was cool as a cucumber and very nonchalantly told her "No".

But then I was brought into the recording studio which is a huge room with white walls and a lot of intimidating-looking audio/ recording equipment with only ONE wooden stool in the middle of it all-- the stool is for me.


I was also blinking a lot during the interview session because the lights in the studio were really bright! I would have thought that the lights wouldn't really affect me since my eyes are so small WTF.

Anyway, the outfits that I wore in the video are all real outfits! You may recognize them:

Meeting for styling project.


At a fitting session with some talents. Shorts are from AZORIAS.

The crisp white shirt + vintage wide-leg pants combo was something I wore to meet some manufacturers from Korea who came down to KL end of last year (no pics though!), whereas I wore the floral trench combo during one of my merchandising trips.

Hope you guys enjoy the video! And thank you for all the comments on my previous post, I read through all your suggestions, and am working with my web designer now to incorporate some changes into the design. Am aiming to have my new layout out by the end of the month! :D

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Friday, February 24, 2012

New blog layout!

Guys, I've really exciting news to announce today!
(and no it's not an engagement -___-)

One of the things that I really want to get done this year is a new blog layout (as declared in this post). Like, I totally get it if you guys think I am the girl who cries wolf wtf 'cause I've been talking about it for years (at least 3 years -_-). But despite numerous announcements that I'll get a new one up, I never did get anything done. *droops head down*

But this year, this year is all about doing things, executing things, making things happen! (Ya ya, I know at this point you are thinking, what is this girl rambling on about, I am still on the SAME OLD BLOG LAYOUT wtf)

So I present to you the super awesome work of my web designer! T____T

She gave me a couple of layouts to choose from, and I think these two are my favorites:

Option 1.

Option 2.

What do you think? I love them both and I can't decide! I think I kind of like the second one better... But Teeny doesn't like it 'cause she said what if my style changes (then the pictures on the header will not be relevant anymore)-- to which I told her I can then update the pictures! My web designer is awesome like that. :P

But then again, when I think about it, I really like the first option too. #typical woman T_T I like how there is a 3rd minor color (i.e. red) amidst the black and white layout (the only request I listed to the web designer), so there's an interesting dimension. And of course, the 'i' is really pretty WTF. *narcissistic*

But the boyfriend also told me that if I use the first layout, I cannot ever grow fat. If not my header will read 'Revel ON Me' WTFFF. -___________________-


My colleague and Teeny have given their votes to the first layout, and the 2nd layout has 2 votes as well (me and the boyfriend)-- Deadlock. T__T

And then I thought, you know what, who better to decide then YOU! You are the ones who will be facing the same layout for goodness knows how many years before I get off my butt to change it again wtf.

And this blog wouldn't be anything without you guys anyway. :')

So here it is, guys. Which blog layout do you like better? My web designer suggested merging the 2 layouts since there are different elements that I liked about both of them, so that's something consider as well. Any recommendations/ suggestions would be much appreciated too! Together we can make an awesome blog layout. :D

Get set, go! Cast your vote now. :)

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tokyo 2012: Day 2 (Semi-outfit post)

I really really really really want to blog about Tokyo! Unfortunately though, I've shitloads of work piled up, and it's really a do-or-die thing.

So I am taking the easy way out, and blog some outfit pictures. Everyone likes outfit pictures right? :P

At Harajuku. Most people are surprisingly normally dressed.

Buying a cup of hot mocha. I NEED COFFEE IN THE MORNING!

But after I bought it, I regretted it.
'Cause the damn mocha cost me RM20++. -__-
For takeout coffee. -___-

Everything is really expensive in Tokyo rawrrrr!!

But we never learn. Hot coffee at another joint. *sheepish*

This counts as an outfit too right?

And this too WTF.

Matching walls!

Harajuku crepes are AWESOME.

Teeny's Kate Spade bag-- so beautiful.

Wearing one of my favorite dresses. :)

And the yummiest yakitori in the whole wide world. But we'll talk more about that next time, alright? :)

Blouse from AZORIAS, everything else (yes, even my tights) except for my Miu Miu bag is from Korea.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's my lucky day!

*updated more pictures*

I got to meet Diana Rikasari today!

If you girls don't know who she is (where have you been!!), Diane is only the top fashion blogger in Indonesia. She is also one of the first fashion bloggers that I followed! :')


Finally a proper picture of Teeny's new hair!

My mom's first words when she first saw Teeny: "You want to die ar" HAHAHA.

At Chatime! Am I the only one who think Chatime is overrated? :/ Granted though, the Chatime in D'sara Uptown is better than the one in Midvalley!

Which bubbletea place is your favorite?

Picture credits to Diana Rikasari.

Black sheer tie-knot blouse: Vintage
Gold lacquer jeans: H&M
Chunky gold diamante layered necklace: Teeny's
Black suede knot platforms: Topshop
Black leather knapsack (not shown): Korea

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Saturday, February 18, 2012


Today I thought I'd share with you guys some bits and pieces of work! :)

Black crochet lace shots: Coming soon on AZORIAS

Dabbling at styling projects.

Farewell tea with our intern at Shangri La hotel.

Mustard navajo print skirt: AZORIAS

Our super intern!

At the Fashion Valet anniversary party.
By the way, check out the size disparity between of our eye sizes. T___T
Chinese: 0, all other people: 1.

Some of the faces behind AZORIAS. :)

Jean, our intern, was eying the Scallop-edge long jacket to bring over to Melbourne (she is going over for 1 year T_T), and being the most soft-spoken girl in the world, she asked us meekly whether she could buy it.

No she couldn't!

Because we surprised her with it as a gift (along with a whole bunch of other stuff, hehe). Super intern deserves the best!

At a brainstorming session.

Teeny is helping out too. :)

Feeling inferior standing next to very tall models.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed this post! :)

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sheer polka dots.

I was hopeless in love with the sheer polka dot trend that was brilliantly executed in Stella McCartney's Fall 2011 collection:

One of my favorites would be the last dress to the right. And rightly so! It was seen in almost every single editorial and fashion cover. I would wear it, but I will have to worry about the excess fats hanging out from the side. *gloom*

Very happy with this sheer polka dot slip from AZORIAS! For a change, I decided to go towards a more non-demure and casual direction, and instead I ended part vampire with my all-black outfit and red lips WTF.

Softened the look with this Valentino clutch that we scored in Tokyo. Well, my mom scored it, but I was the one who pointed her to it. I attract bargains! :P

At Ben's General Food Store. To be honest, KL doesn't really need another restaurant named Ben. So confusing! -_-

Lunch partner for the day.

My favorite necklace for the moment.

I like how I looked slightly pin-up girl. :P

The most sinful yummy thing in the world-- nutella shake. You've got to try it!

Finally a good picture of my new pumps.

In love with the creative specials menu!

We finished 2 whole pizzas! :O

Outfit details:

Black sheer polka dot blouse: AZORIAS
Black slip: Morgan de Toi
Black ripped shorts: Bangkok
Black velvet belt with gold buckle: Topshop
Black and gold chain choker: Korea
Crystal rings: Swarovski
Tortoiseshell round sunnies: Korea
Velvet pumps with tortoiseshell heels: Topshop
Satin bow clutch: Valentino

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