Saturday, February 18, 2012


Today I thought I'd share with you guys some bits and pieces of work! :)

Black crochet lace shots: Coming soon on AZORIAS

Dabbling at styling projects.

Farewell tea with our intern at Shangri La hotel.

Mustard navajo print skirt: AZORIAS

Our super intern!

At the Fashion Valet anniversary party.
By the way, check out the size disparity between of our eye sizes. T___T
Chinese: 0, all other people: 1.

Some of the faces behind AZORIAS. :)

Jean, our intern, was eying the Scallop-edge long jacket to bring over to Melbourne (she is going over for 1 year T_T), and being the most soft-spoken girl in the world, she asked us meekly whether she could buy it.

No she couldn't!

Because we surprised her with it as a gift (along with a whole bunch of other stuff, hehe). Super intern deserves the best!

At a brainstorming session.

Teeny is helping out too. :)

Feeling inferior standing next to very tall models.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed this post! :)

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Anonymous said...

Interesting. I like this post!

Kim L said...

Love it!! :) It's always nice to see "behind the scenes" pictures!

accidental encounters

Anonymous said...

I like it a lot too! Very interesting post indeed!

revel in me said...

Thanks guys, I hope to share more about what we do at work too! :)