Tuesday, February 28, 2012

High street gal.

I am speaking the obvious now... But guys! Check out my new layout! :P

Kim, my web designer sneakily made the new layout go live while I was asleep... So I myself did a double take when I opened my blog yesterday and saw the new layout displayed in my eyes! I am pretty sure I rubbed my eyes at least thrice, hehehe.

As you guys can see, I've taken heed of your opinions and opted for the first banner in my previous post here (majority of the votes went to the first option; like 90% of the votes?). However, I've also incorporated certain elements from the second option (the body of the layout now is mainly adapted from the 2nd option). How do you all like it? :)

It's currently still a work-in-progress; I still want to clean up my side bar, and I still need to do the write-ups for the pages... But it feels incredibly amazing to blog on the new layout! Everything feels so clean and fresh... like a new relationship wtf. *strokes blog-layout like an obsessed lady*

Since I am already on the topic, I thought it would be most apt to blog about an outfit that you all surely will recognize by now. You might as well get acquainted with it because you will be looking at it for the next few years year at least.

Does it look familiar? Hehehe.
*Hint: Refer to top of page wtf.

Accessories for the day.

I blogged about this pair of H&M red cigarette pants in my recent Tokyo haul post. It was on sale, and I got it for about RM80++, I think? Pretty decent for a pair pants, I reckon!

It was clearly a play-with-my-hair kinda day.

Favorite necklace of the moment again.

Wearing one of my favorite tanks-- not only is it silk, and has a bias hem, it also comes with this amazing cut-out racer-back with a cowl-back. One word-- amazing. Hands down one of my favorite piece of basics!

Outfit details:

Silk tank with cut-out back: Topshop
Red cigarette pants: H&M
Chain and diamante choker: Korea
Hematite beaded bracelet with matte gold pendant: ASOS
Embellished bangles with semi-precious stones: Bangkok
Gold cross ring: Maria Francesca
Round tortoiseshell sunniesL Korea
Velvet pumps with tortoiseshell heels: Topshop
Gold glitter clutch with chain: Zara

It isn't usual for me to be in high street brands (almost) top-to-toe , I have to admit.


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What is this all about? In all honesty, even I don't know myself. :/

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Anonymous said...

Love the topshop heels. are they comfortable to walk in?