Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's my lucky day!

*updated more pictures*

I got to meet Diana Rikasari today!

If you girls don't know who she is (where have you been!!), Diane is only the top fashion blogger in Indonesia. She is also one of the first fashion bloggers that I followed! :')


Finally a proper picture of Teeny's new hair!

My mom's first words when she first saw Teeny: "You want to die ar" HAHAHA.

At Chatime! Am I the only one who think Chatime is overrated? :/ Granted though, the Chatime in D'sara Uptown is better than the one in Midvalley!

Which bubbletea place is your favorite?

Picture credits to Diana Rikasari.

Black sheer tie-knot blouse: Vintage
Gold lacquer jeans: H&M
Chunky gold diamante layered necklace: Teeny's
Black suede knot platforms: Topshop
Black leather knapsack (not shown): Korea

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Cuteee <3 <3


ReN3 said...

i like how you tie your hair up into a bun AND it looks good too!! could you write a show & tell post on how you do it plsss?? cos whenever i do mine, it really looks like crap! hahaha...

pj said...

hehee, yes chatime is so overrated, so is snowflake :P

revel in me said...

cindy: Thank you dear. <3

ReN3: Haha, thank you for the compliment! But actually I tie my bun in a really primitive way-- first up in a high ponytail, fasten with a rubber band; then i twist my hair around in a bun, and fasten another rubber band around it! Then I just adjust my hair so that the bands won't show.

But I read this article ( lately on how to tie a bun though, it looks really simple! Give it a try, and tell me how it goes! :)

pj: YES!!! Agreed through and through!