Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sheer polka dots.

I was hopeless in love with the sheer polka dot trend that was brilliantly executed in Stella McCartney's Fall 2011 collection:

One of my favorites would be the last dress to the right. And rightly so! It was seen in almost every single editorial and fashion cover. I would wear it, but I will have to worry about the excess fats hanging out from the side. *gloom*

Very happy with this sheer polka dot slip from AZORIAS! For a change, I decided to go towards a more non-demure and casual direction, and instead I ended part vampire with my all-black outfit and red lips WTF.

Softened the look with this Valentino clutch that we scored in Tokyo. Well, my mom scored it, but I was the one who pointed her to it. I attract bargains! :P

At Ben's General Food Store. To be honest, KL doesn't really need another restaurant named Ben. So confusing! -_-

Lunch partner for the day.

My favorite necklace for the moment.

I like how I looked slightly pin-up girl. :P

The most sinful yummy thing in the world-- nutella shake. You've got to try it!

Finally a good picture of my new pumps.

In love with the creative specials menu!

We finished 2 whole pizzas! :O

Outfit details:

Black sheer polka dot blouse: AZORIAS
Black slip: Morgan de Toi
Black ripped shorts: Bangkok
Black velvet belt with gold buckle: Topshop
Black and gold chain choker: Korea
Crystal rings: Swarovski
Tortoiseshell round sunnies: Korea
Velvet pumps with tortoiseshell heels: Topshop
Satin bow clutch: Valentino

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Anonymous said...

Your heels are amazing!!!
Do they hurt though? :)


Kim L said...

Meow! So sexy Hui Wen!! :) Love love love the pumps/heels!!

accidental encounters

foodie said...

I'm craving for some good pizza right now, I've got to say this must be one of my favorite look on you so far!

Anonymous said...

Love your sheer polka dots top! I totally regretted not getting something similar from h&m, now they're out of size S...oh why?!

revel in me said...

helen: Not really, 'cause there's a platform in front that creates the height... But I won't recommend it for shopping or anything which involves a lot of walking! :P

kim: Hahaha! *purr* hahaha

sparks in spring: Aww thanks love! There's an abundance of good pizzas in aussie! :p

anonymous: Haha, you can get it from www.azorias.com!