Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tokyo 2012: Day 2 (Semi-outfit post)

I really really really really want to blog about Tokyo! Unfortunately though, I've shitloads of work piled up, and it's really a do-or-die thing.

So I am taking the easy way out, and blog some outfit pictures. Everyone likes outfit pictures right? :P

At Harajuku. Most people are surprisingly normally dressed.

Buying a cup of hot mocha. I NEED COFFEE IN THE MORNING!

But after I bought it, I regretted it.
'Cause the damn mocha cost me RM20++. -__-
For takeout coffee. -___-

Everything is really expensive in Tokyo rawrrrr!!

But we never learn. Hot coffee at another joint. *sheepish*

This counts as an outfit too right?

And this too WTF.

Matching walls!

Harajuku crepes are AWESOME.

Teeny's Kate Spade bag-- so beautiful.

Wearing one of my favorite dresses. :)

And the yummiest yakitori in the whole wide world. But we'll talk more about that next time, alright? :)

Blouse from AZORIAS, everything else (yes, even my tights) except for my Miu Miu bag is from Korea.

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Kim L said...
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Kim L said...

Pretty pictures! Thanks for sharing!! :) RM20 for mocha, that's more expensive that coffee in Australia!!!!! geez... how to go to Japan like this ? :(

accidental encounters: Cathleen Jia launch


Cute looks and Nice post <3


foodie said...

Ting's bag is really really pretty, I love two-ways bags!

revel in me said...

kim: I KNOW RIGHT??? T_T

cindy: Thanks love! <3

sparks in spring: I was lusting over it all over tumblr, and to my surprise (and jealousy), my mom got it for ting.. T___T

joy said...

oh I love ting's bag! may I know where did your mom get it from and how much did she pay for it? I saw it was priced at 490 in Singapore

revel in me said...

Joy: My mom got it from SG! I can't remember how much she paid for it, but I definitely remember it was 50% off! :)