Friday, February 03, 2012

Tropical print.

Phew, can't believe it's February already! I like the early part of the year as it symbolizes fresh beginnings and new opportunities; and this in turn makes me feel pumped up and excited to take on the year. However, the downside is that the first half of the year usually flies past, and before we know it, we will be in the middle of year going, "where the eff did the past 6 months go to?"

Thus, the more important it is for us to take each moment by its horns and maximize it wisely! *self-motivates*

Went for a little clashing of prints. I kinda like how it looks, what do you think?

These pictures were taken before I did my hair, and I think I looked absolutely atrocious in them (think 2 inches regrowth on an unruly mane)! So I did what any logical person would do-- I cropped my head off all the pictures, and featured mostly pictures of close-up details, hehe.

One of my favorite stones are turquoise stones! I added these accents to subtly match with the jade-green tone of my clutch.

This skirt is actually in an identical print as one of the blouses on AZORIAS, which were all sold out! Since I couldn't have the top, I got a matching skirt in the same print instead. I just love the print so much, it makes me think of beaches and holidays and.. bunga kertas? :P

Took an old pair of pumps out for a spin. I am still amazed at how pretty they are every time I take them out!

Do you like my new belt?

Outfit details:

The only bearable picture I could find of myself.

White linen blouse: Bysi, Singapore
Pleated tropical flower print skirt: Korea
Leather belt with bow loops: Korea
Turquoise stone necklace: Korea
Turquoise stone ring with tassel: Korea
Leaf brass ring: Can't remember
Gold watchstrap bracelet with amethyst: ASOS
Leather pumps with crochet lace: Thrifted
Snake-print clutch with gold cheetah clasp: Accessorize

Is that a cheetah? Is that a leopard? Let's discuss wtf.

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Miss Nobody said...

love your outfit! esp the simple white shirt

Anonymous said...

gorgeous, gorgeous accessories! :) drooling over em. nice choice.

Anonymous said...

i like your nail colour too!! can you tell me what colour is that?

revel in me said...

miss nobody: Thank you! I am a white shirt collector, haha.

anonymous: Thank you very much! Accessories maketh the outfit, always! :D

anonymous: I got it done by a manicurist, so I am not sure of the name, but it's OPI! So sorry I am not much help. :(

Jing said...

But how can u not have a PUSSYBOW white top WTF!

revel in me said...

jing: Haha, I don't have a sleeveless one!! Don't challenge me to expand my collection ar wtf

Kim L said...

Pretty pretty skirt. I thought it was a maxi skirt at first! Would love to see the maxi version of this skirt in Azorias! :P

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