Thursday, March 15, 2012

Anger management.

On the day itself that I flew back from Korea, my dad booked me for a family dinner. Below are just some outfit pictures; but I warn you first ar, the pictures SUCK wtf.

They were mostly blurry or at the wrong setting so I was the shade of liquid paper wtf; but since the picture were taken at dusk, let's pretend that it was mostly intentional i.e. blurry = romantic, and me being abnormally fair = emo vampire look (or more like bitten by vampire since I looked so pale wtf).

Wanted to wear long pants because my skin was really dry from Korea (brought a bottle of 'lotion' over and turns out it was actually body soap FML), so I wanted to prevent myself from scratching my legs. -_- So palazzo pants it was.

Do you all recognize these pants! Teeny wore them during our Korea trip here, and I distinctively remembered her saying that I won't be able to wear them 'cause I am too short. Look who is wearing 'em now!! Granted I was wearing 4-inch heels, but whatever. NEH NEH NEH BU BU.

Emo vampire look.

The only decent-ish picture (in terms of picture quality/ aperture/ shutter speed and all that jargon wtf), but my eyes were closed and I looked like I was in the throngs of ecstasy wtf. *crops head off*

Paired it with an unlikely combo of a silver tee.. Kept my accessories simple, because if not my mom will scold WTF. ("Girl, why your shirt so shiny? You think you go disco ar?" wtf)

Silver pleated tee: Korea
Printed palazzo pants: Teeny's
Silver buckle belt: Commes des Garcon
Silver choker: Stolen from Teeny nyehehe
Hematite beaded bracelet with matte gold pendant: ASOS
Black velvet wedges: Jeffrey Campbell
Pony hair zipper clutch: Furla


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Do you remember the video I posted here sometime ago?

I am deducing that it's probably a really bad fight with the boyfriend or something, and if it is, probably many of us can relate to all the anger and emotional breakdown. :/ What about you? Are you the the type of girl who will throw things around when you are mad at your boyfriend? (that reminds me, I have a friend who is damn sohai, she threw her mobile phone in a rush of fury, and her phone was spoilt and after that she needed to spend a few thousand bucks to replace it wtf).

Personally, I am not the type who will throw things around; I don't think I have ever done it before, actually! The most I have done is to throw my mobile phone on the bed after I hang up in a huff. As I've grown older, I've sort of mellowed, and I recognize that a lot of fights and anger can be diffused by simply making a call to talk things out. But call back after you've calmed down and can talk reason! Not call to scream profanities wtf. Fights usually start because of a misunderstanding, and are prolonged because both parties insist that they are right. However, the important thing to remember is that, there are no winners when it comes to fighting. Both parties suffer because both of you become angry, unhappy or even depressed. That's how my boyfriend pyscho-ed me to become damn docile and good-tempered wtf-- "Baby, we are both losers when we fight". Damn smart ar that man. So remember, people, if you are fighting, STOP. Say bye, and take some time out to calm down. Watch a movie. Eat a burger. Wash your car. When your temper has calmed down, pick up that phone and start dialing! :)

Mmm. Now I feel like calling my boyfriend to be manja, hehe. Tata!

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Anonymous said...

Why dont you take some pictures and show us? We have not "met" your bf :)

Anonymous said...

wow i love your pants! It is in season now?
But its not easy to pull it off though, need to put on high heels! :)


revel in me said...

anonymous: Haha, he's shy! :)

helen: Yes, in trend, and terrible comfortable! But yea, for petite girls (like me T_T), high heels will be best! Have fun trying it out! :D