Sunday, March 04, 2012

Anyeong Haseyo everyone!

In case you didn't recognize the in-your-face giveaway (i.e. the greeting wtf ), I am back in Korea! I just arrived last night, and I had quite a horrible day yesterday:

1) I got a middle seat in my flight. I usually prefer a window seat or an aisle seat if I am sitting with strangers ('cause I don't fancy straddling everyone everytime I want to go to the lavatory wtf), but aah, nevermind. Then an older man sat by my side. An older man with a severe attack of the M.O., aka. mouth odor.


I was literally going green from trying not to breathe, and I was desperately wishing that I have a blocked nose and not breathe wtf (which I later successfully achieved because the flight was really cold and I caught a flu -___-).

2) Remember I was sitting in the middle seat? To the other side of me is an ahjumma, which means 'married woman' in Korean, but usually just means 'auntie'. Ahjummas generally put any kiasu Singaporean auntie because they are the most brash, aggressive types-- nothing stands in their way. Case in point: there was once my boyfriend was standing innocently in the middle of the subway in Seoul, and when the train stopped, an ahjumma came into the train, and upon spying an empty seat, she jabbed my boyfriend's foot with an umbrella WTF --so that he wouldn't steal her seat + he will move away for her to get to her seat as fast as possible.

The ahjumma next to me was wearing a plaid jacket and plaid pants (different color plaids + different checks) and sandals with socks... She later put on a windbreaker. All the signs of the standard ahjumma was there. The only thing missing was a visor, but I definitely saw one peeking out of her handbag.

Anyway, I digressed. The ahjumma next to me was covering her nose with her (plaid) jacket the entire time, probably 'cause the M.O (read: mouth odor) was going over in fumes. Against my better judgement, I thought inwardly that we were on the same boat and developed an affinity to her. Until I realized she can't stand any form of movement. -__________- Anytime I as much as shifted a millimeter, she starts cursing in Korean (I presume it's cursing, 'cause I can recognize some words). -________-

3) A butch sat in front of me. Strangely enough she is also a camwhore. By that I meant she took photos of herself nonstop, with the flash on. SAVE ME.

4) The flight was slightly delayed, so I missed the last bus to the hotel. Had to take a another bus, and then catch a cab to the hotel. I actually missed the stop whilst in the bus, and had to randomly stop in the middle of nowhere.

5) Couldn't get any cab to stop to take me to my hotel as it was midnight (all the cab drivers change shifts at midnight, and they are really particular about routes). It was freezing.

6) Finally reached the hotel (at least I had a really nice cab driver, and he said that my spoken Korean is really good! :D), and there was no one at the reception. -___- There was a number left on the reception desk for me to call the staff, but despite trying for a dozen times, no one picked up. By this time, I really frustrated, I was hungry, cold, tired, and nursing a leaky nose. All I want is my room, goddamit!

7) Finally after forever, I got into my room. And I found out I got my period. WHEE.

8) After I found out about my period, I realized that the shower in my room is not working. DOUBLE WHEE.

9) Walked downstairs to complain about the shower, no one was at the reception again. TRIPLE WHEE.

In the end, I use the water tap part of the shower to bathe. And I popped a flu pill. And I then broke my personal record for the longest sleep I've ever had-- I knocked out for 17 hours hahahaha. (in my defense I didn't sleep much last week *sheepish*)

Anyway, now that I looked back at last night, it is rather funny. But it doesn't mean I can do without some virtual hugs wtf. Let's just hope that the rest of the week is more forgiving on me!


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I think many girls would be able to relate with this scene, unfortunately.

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Anonymous said...

Hello dear writer!
1) love your blog layout..

2) i have very bad sinus attack too.. any good medication you could recommend? my mom's remedy is to drink hot ginger tea.. but that's not convenient when i am out during the day~

Take care & stay warm!


Anonymous said...

eh i didn't know you could speak korean! where did you go for classes?

yy said...

omg that's an extremely horrible day! i have immense respect for you for being able to soldier on and get through such a nightmare. feel better and get well soon! virtual hugs for you!! :)

revel in me said...

selena: Thank you dear! As mine is more of a sinus problem, I usually take anti-histamines. A lot of people like Clarinase, but I find that it makes me drowsy but it doesn't cure my flu. My personal favorite is Zyrtec, non-drowsy + (almost) immediate effect, LOVE IT! But my dad took a prescription for me though, I can't remember the dosage, but it's in a gray/pink capsule pill (not the same as the over the counter ones). Atarax is by far the most potent med (in terms of drowsiness), that was what I took which caused me to knock out for 17 hours. -__- Drowsiness can last up till 24 hours. -___- But it works though. Another OTC med that works pretty well for me (for mild flu) is Telfast D! Hope this helps, but remember, when in doubt, it's best to consult a doctor! :)

anonymous: I used to take classes, but I couldn't cope as work was getting increasingly busy! You can try Uptown, or even Groupon (there were some pretty good deals for Korean classes)! :)

yy: Aah, thank you! I've no choice but to soldier on, when you travel alone, you are your own cheerleader, hehe. Thank you so so much though! *accepts virtual hug graciously* :P

Anonymous said...

oh my poor you. sounds like a perfect recipe for a terrible, terrible day. no worries, as you nurse your flu, your days will become better. eventually.

do post up more on your korea trips. like your buys, quirky cafes to dine, food and basically, everything else!

take care :)