Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Just shoot me now.

I came back to the hotel to find that I can no longer access Facebook and Blogspot! Instead, I am directed to this page: http://www.warning.or.kr/. Even the URL sounds ominous.

And thanks a lot, the only thing I can read on the page is 'WARNING' and.. that's about it. The last I check, I am in South Korea, not North Korea. So why in the world is FB banned?!

(FYI, I think I can access my blog 'cause it's a dot com and doesn't have the word 'blogspot' in it. I guess having my own domain comes really useful at times like this. -_-)


Anyway, what is done cannot be undone (actually it's 'cause I cannot read what is on the redirect page wtf), I am just going to pray that this is just a temporary thing. Instead, I am going to blog about what I intended to blog about... which is easy outfits! Or to be exact, sundresses.

Whilst tops + shorts seem like the most no-brainer go-to outfits when I am lazy, I actually think that sundresses (i.e. easy, fuss-free summer dresses) are the best lazy outfits! Ya la, I like air around my privates WTF. Whilst my style is no longer girlie, I find that I still keep a lot of my summer dresses for lazy days. And it should come as no surprise that a lot of my sundresses were actually purchased from Australia! For example, this cheery yellow one from Gold Coast:

Read more here.

Well, recently I was asked to leave for lunch immediately, so I did a 'lazy outfit' in a matter of minutes by throwing on another dress that I got from Australia:

I love it 'cause of the dramatic bias hem! You know what's a mullet hem? A mullet hem refers to a hemline that is shorter in front, and longer at the back. I call this a reverse mullet because it's longer in front and shorter at the back-- so short and flouncy that you can see my undies. -___- (Perverts, back off, I wore shorts underneath.)

This dress is at least 5 years old; ironically though, I have only worn it once before this! I didn't throw it away because I guess it's just one of those pieces that are so easy and comfy that I know I will regret it if I lose it. Jing did throw me dirty looks though when she saw me wearing it, haha. She asked me what was I doing wearing such an old (and supposedly out-of-style) dress!

Went for silver accessories with a boho feel, cue the stone rings.

Front view: the dress has sort of a handkerchief cut-- square-ish to the front, and draped bias hem to the back.

Worn with my mom's old YSL bag that we have claimed for ourselves, nyehehe.

Keeping to the silver jewelry theme. Another reason why I love this dress is 'cause of all the cross-stitch details on the dress... I used to be crazy over cross-stitching!

Worn with one of my favorite heels from Marni. One of my best buys, at a ridiculous 75% (or more?) discount.

Cross-stitching handkerchief dress with bias hem: Random shop in Melbourne
Silver plate necklace: Diva
Silver leaf necklace: Korea
Rings: Bazaar/ Korea/ Gifted
Silver tassel cuff: Oasis
Patent woven heels: Marni
Vintage clutch: YSL

Told you I was wearing shorts.

What about you? What is your easy 'lazy outfit'? Let's share!

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You looks great <3 <3

btw, i followed your blog, mind to follow back? ^^


Anonymous said...

hello still waiting for ur skin care post!

Kim L said...

I died a little just looking at you Marni heels! They are gorgeous!! :)

accidental encounters

revel in me said...

cindy: Thank you dear, I'll check out your blog soon! :)

anonymous: I am so sorry, what skin care post ar! T__T

kim l: TEEHEE thank you! Love 'em, but they are one size too small for me! But I expanded them 'cause the price was too hard to resist! :P

Anonymous said...

Wow I am pleasantly surprised to read that FB is banned in Korea. Another reason why I should love Korea now besides Kpop. I loath FB and I am glad to hear more countries are banning that site. Hopes Malaysia will follow suit. Thanks for enlightening me with such great news of the week though I am really sorry about your predicament.

By the way, nice dresses as always..

Anonymous said...

I always wear sun dresses when I'm feeling lazy too! Hahaha and with Malaysian weather, it works perfectly fine for me:p
Loving your dress! Dint think it looked old/outdated. Thought it looked different/special:)

revel in me said...

anonymous:Y U RAGE AGAINST FB! Hehe. Btw, FB isn't banned in Korea! Think there was just some technical glitch. Thanks for the compliment! :)

anonymous: RIGHTT???? I thought the dress is really unique too! Love light dresses like this! *highfive*

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