Thursday, March 08, 2012

Once a bridesmaid.

As a woman, there are several roles that most of us will play at some point in our lives. We are first and foremost, a daughter.
We can be a sister, a bride, a wife, a mother.

Well, one of the roles that I think (and secretly covet) every girl or woman should experience is... to be a bridesmaid! :D

Am really happy that I can share this 'cause the bride has announced it herself wtf. I am going to be one of Audrey's bridesmaids! :D *throws confetti as practice run wtf*

Audrey is one of my first closest friends to get married, and as this is also the first time ever that I will be a bridesmaid, my level of excitement is really through the roof! I always cry at weddings, no matter who is getting married, so I guess you shouldn't be surprised to see me bawling my eyes out at her wedding. -_-

Some of the bridesmaids! Why is everyone so pretty. T_______________T

By the way, when I told the boyfriend that I am going to be a bridesmaid, he coldly told me: "Three times a bridesmaid, never a bride." -_________-

And I am actually semi in-charge of the bridesmaid dresses! *big shiny eyes* I can't reveal too much at the moment, but below is one of my inspiration for the dresses:

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to go design some potato sacks for the rest of the bridesmaids and put myself in a Marchesa-like gown, nyehehe.

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Physiological Sciences Assignment said...

OMG, i think i know who is your friend from Vimeo.

Is she the lucky girl who is proposed by man with a very romantic ways with a thousand years as the soundtract.

You are so damn lucky to be bridesmaid. I really wanted to be one at least once <3

i followed your blog, hope you can follow back mine.


revel in me said...

Cindy: Haha, yes she is the meme proposal girl! <3 And indeed I am so lucky, it's going to be a gorgeous wedding! :D