Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Parka love.

Guys, I've got something to confess... Somewhere deep in my big cavernous heart (although it's nothing compared to my bottomless stomach wtf), I've a squishy soft spot for parkas!

So much so that I declared it openly.

I suspect it's partly due to Alexa Chung who carries it off so effortlessly... And it seems to have become her signature style somewhat?

There's this chilled-out, I-didn't-put-much-thought-into-this-but-I-naturally-look-stylish vibe when you throw on a parka, which I love!

Wearing an army green parka in Tokyo.

However, wearing a parka in our type of weather is not really practical. Which is why I was so happy when I found a lightweight army green jacket that gives out the same relaxed vibe, but is oh-so-airy and easy to wear!

Wore this outfit during my grandmother's birthday dinner over the weekend-- I wanted to go for a dressy yet not overdone look, so my solution was to throw my army green jacket over my super girlie coral pleated dress!

It's also slightly unconventional because it's trimmed with some yummy crochet lace details. Usually I am quite weary of crochet lace details myself because it's a little too girlie for me, but it's the perfect touch for this jacket because it softens the look, and the jacket doesn't look so utilitarian!

Have my hair up in a messy ponytail because I wanted to show off the details of the jacket on the shoulders and back. :)


I am seriously obsessed with this jacket man. I bought it last year, but this is the first time I was wearing it. I didn't think it would be any help in keeping me warm (it's made of Georgette, which is similar to lightweight sturdy chiffon), but surprisingly it kept the chills away in the car and the air-conditioned restaurant. Conversely, when I was outdoors in our type of climate (read: HOT), it felt light and doesn't stick to my skin like some other fabrics when you start to perspire lightly.

New jewels that I bought in Korea recently. LOVE!

Outfit details:

Coral pleated minidress: Topshop
Army green Georgette jacket: AZORIAS
Necklaces: Korea
Patent woven heels: Marni
Tie-dyed studded bow clutch: Holiday in Zhuhai

The boyfriend and I were reading some articles on entrepreneurship just now, and one of the articles mentioned that you need to listen to your gut feeling. The boyfriend straightaway exclaimed, "Bee, that's you!"

I was confused. "Huh?"

"You always listen to your gut feeling, that's why you always eat so much".


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Rebecca said...

Dear Wen,

interesting view on parka. Yup, totally agree with you that parka could be humidifying especially in the Asian climate.. i have several parkas in green before this and sold/gave away all of them leaving none for myself! this is a good example of when we have something too much we tend to not appreciate it..such a waste! due to the regret, i settled for one from Zara and it has been my precious piece since then. Glad to have parka gang (highfive).. haha! Anyway, i would like to compliment on the maroon peterpan collar with tweeded hem dress i bought from Azorias.. it's really beautiful and i love it so much, you will see them posted real soon! Cheers!

Rebecca @

joy said...

hi huiwen! how's the japanese ion hair treatment working out for you? is the shine and softness long lasting? or does it fade out after a few washes?

revel in me said...

rebecca: High five, parka gang! :D I saw your zara parka with the leather sleeves, GORGEOUS!! And thank you for the sweet words on the dress, am really looking forward to see how you would style it! :)

joy: It lasts for about a month (which is longer than the BKT that I did), but it's recommended to do it on a monthly basis for best results, so it's worthwhile to go on it for maybe 6 months or so? :D People have been commenting that my hair looks healthier now, hehe.