Sunday, March 18, 2012

Scuba wear.

Work is going to be so crazy for the next 2 weeks!! Seriously can't wait for April to come so that all this craziness will end. And no, it's not because April is my birthday month! *hides birthday wishlist wtf*

Once April comes, I have to go on a full-force diet. I've been letting myself go for the past few months because of work, but really, there shouldn't be any excuses to not stay fit!! What more, there *might* be a beach holiday in May/ June with some effing hot girls, so I really gotta work my butt off (literally WTF) to get trim and toned. SIGH.

Anyway, outfit post as usual! An outfit slightly different from what you guys will see me wear. It's one of the hot trends for Spring 2012-- scuba-inspired wear. Sportswear (fashion sportswear, that is! Not your PE uniform wtf) have always been popular for the past few years, just updated during the different seasons, and one of its evolution this season is scuba-like wear!

(L-R) Rag and Bone/ Derek Lam/ Michael Kors
(source: Glamour)

It's interesting to note why sportswear make a more prominent comeback in 2012-- it may be tied to events of the world, for example, we have Olympics coming up this year. Click here to read more about Sports fashion trends. An important note is that just because it is 'on-trend', it doesn't mean that you have to wear a wetsuit the next time you go out to meet the girls wtf. Style is all about interpreting trends. For example, the sports trend is more about incorporating minimalistic sleekness into your outfit, preferably with a touch of sporty element.

If scuba dresses are a little extreme for you, why not try a simplistic scuba top?

One of my favorite fashion bloggers, Fashion Squad.

For my outfit, I chose a really minimalistic scuba-inspired dress-- very sleek, high-neck, with only an exposed zipper at the back.

High tea at Mandarin Oriental.

Girls' day out with mom.

Kept my look very clean, with only pops of colors.

I really like the interior of Mandarin Oriental's lounge!

Caught mid-chewing.

Keeping my accessories to a minimum as well! Wore a silver cuff on each hand-- the detailing on these cuffs are AH-MA-ZING!

Being treated like a pet. -_-

White scuba dress: Korea
Silver choker: Korea
Silver cuffs with scale detailing: Korea
Electric blue velvet pumps: Holiday in Zhuhai
Electric blue/red block zipper clutch: Korea

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Euphemia Toong said...

Mind if I ask where in Korea did you get the Silver Cuffs? Thanks a lot!! ^^