Friday, April 27, 2012

Kimchi fries.

My love for fries is through the roof.

In fact, I am going to confess something right now.
Every now and then (i.e. every 2 days wtf) I will go onto McDonald's FB page to check whether the McShaker fries are re-launched WTF.

My love and me:

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My love for McShaker fries go back to 2007.Link

Back in 2010, with the orange cheesy McShaker.

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My favorite fries in Melbourne.

I love 'em fries, and they love me back (with love-handles WTF).

But during my Seoul trip recently, I came cross THE WORLD'S MOST AMAZING FRIES.
Mmm Mmm.


Let's start from the beginning, okay? :)

It all started because the boyfriend and I went to Itaewon, Seoul to do some boring banking stuff. Itaewon is the 'foreigner town' of Seoul; the moment you step out of the subway station, you see a lot of Caucasians and people who are not yellow-skinned wtf.

I get this question a lot-- "do Koreans speak English?". Well, most of them don't, but in Itaewon, there's a high chance that you should be able to get around fairly easily because foreigners are expected to hang around there. There are also a lot of international cuisines served there, as opposed to the rest of Seoul (where it's mainly dominated by Korean restaurants).

The boyfriend did some research, and he wanted to try this place called Vatos which supposedly serves fusion tacos (think Korean barbecued meat tacos). However, we went around and around and just couldn't find the place! Just when we were bout to give up and just resort to eating at a random Italian place, we managed to leech onto a cafe's wifi (Dunkin Donut, for the record) and found a map.

Thanks to the boyfriend's amazing sense of direction, within a few minutes, we found ourselves outside Vatos!

We were quickly served with some nachos and really yummy dips! The red one is the standard salsa, but the green one has a fiery chilli zing to it, and they both go really well together.

And I also love the restaurant's owners/workers' accent. *shy* They are all American-born Koreans, and according to the articles the boyfriend read, they are from Los Angeles. I've a huge soft spot for American-born Asians, so the whole time I was just giggling at their accents wtf.

Mango Margarita! It was a HUGE glass considering it was only afternoon.

And this, everyone, is the most amazing fries IN THE WORLD.

*pause for effect*


With sour cream and salsa, and onions and peppers and and kimchi, and chunks of perfectly barbequed lightly shredded pork, and a dash of red spicy (chili?) powder...

I've never tasted fries so yummy before.
I swear, my tongue was singing the entire time. Scratch that, every part of me was singing!!!
How could anything taste so good? How could everything blend in so well together!!!

Samgyeopsal (barbequed pork belly) taco. This was quite yummy,but I prefer my pork belly too be slightly more moist.

This was reminiscent of the kimchi fries' glory! This taco was laden with the same perfectly grilled pork chunks in the fries... LOVE IT!

We also has a grilled lime prawn taco which I forgot to take pictures of.

One more picture of the yummy kimchi fries. SO GOOD that it left this delicious aftertaste in my mouth for the rest of the day. How wonderful is THAT??

Click here for Vatos' website. The place isn't cheap though, the entire meal cost us 55k won (almost RM150) I think? The fries alone cost 12k won (about RM30++). But I would pay 55k won JUST FOR THE FRIES, that's how much I love it! :D

Since this blog post is so food-oriented, I am going to post an outfit teaser picture-- full outfit details will be in another post.

This photo is also uploaded on Instagram, find me on it! My username is @revelinme. :)

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Coming of age.

So it was my birthday yesterday.

Halfway during coffee and cake, the boyfriend pointed at his iPad and patted me. "Congratulations", he told me.

Perplexed, I was like "???"

Then he showed me this article:

WTFFF. -________________________-

But jokes aside, I had a very peaceful birthday. Amazingly enough, it struck me that this year it didn't occur to me to make a birthday wishlist (i.e. hints to loved ones hehehe) [click *here* for last year's wishlist]. I racked through my brain to see what I would like, but other than to continuously see healthy growth for AZORIAS, and a few business management books (which I will be heading to MPH to place an order soon), I can't really think of what I would like. Of course, I am not going to resist pretty clothes and jewels and bags if you give 'em to me! But I guess what I am saying is that... I am truly happy now. :)

In fact, I am truly happy.. even with growing another year older! I spent a huge part of my early twenties resisting growing old. When I turned 21, I was scared shit of becoming an adult. I always felt that I wasn't ready, if it makes any sense. There are some days (mostly in my first year of work) where I feel like a child in adult's clothes playing an 'adult' game that involved taxes and insurance. The idea of marriage terrified me, the concept of a mortgage was foreign and unreachable. I remember having this conversation with my girlfriends wondering at which point do you suddenly become... an adult. Will we be struck by lightning one day, BOOM, and we will start feeling and acting like an adult, we joked lightheartedly then.

No lightning happened in my case though.

When I hit 25 years old, I went through the cliched quarter-life crisis (surprisingly enough though, a lot of my peers went through the same phase), and breaking up with my first boyfriend of 6 years sure didn't help. That year was spent in a daze, mainly trying to pick up the pieces. The following year when I turned 26, I guess I had all the pieces in hand already, and it was a year of getting to know myself all over again, of discovering myself, of building myself. I felt (and still feel) confident and empowered. Suddenly, the future seems to opened up for me. So did my mind. Suddenly, I am no longer afraid. Whilst I am not ready to get married any time soon, marriage is no longer a taboo subject to me. It's just something that will happen in the future, and it will come when it comes. Buying a property is one of my top priorities now, and whilst I am not anywhere close to owning my first one, I am working real hard towards this goal.

Call it coming of age of whatever, but part of the enjoyment now is to enjoy this... growth, this easing into womanhood and adulthood, and all I really want is to savor each day and each process. :)

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cat prints.

I am back from Korea! Was there for almost 2 weeks, but luckily the boyfriend was with me for more than half of my trip, so I didn't feel homesick this time around.

We didn't take many pictures this time around, 'cause our trip was packed with meetings and appointments, but I did manage to squeeze in some hurried outfit photos. :P

I am a huge fan of turquoise accessories.

Rainy day! :(

One of my favorite oxfords with little pleated ruffled detailing.

Wearing one of my favorite shirts from AZORIAS! I love cat prints (and just about any whimsical print), but I am really anal about how the cat looks like WTF. For example, it cannot look too simplified (else it will pass as a dog or a squirrel wtf), but it also cannot look too real. -_- Yes, I am really anal hehe.

Floral cat print shirt: AZORIAS
Jeans: Wrangler
Nude blazer: H&M, Hong Kong
Turquoise choker: Korea
Nude oxfords with pleated ruffles: Korea
Bag: Miu Miu

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge.

Teeny and I were at the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge a few weeks ago, which we were really excited about. Being the number whisky brand in Malaysia, I’ve heard a lot of great stories about Johnnie Walker’s parties, and I couldn’t wait! However, it started with a very nerve-wrecking journey to get to Malaysia Agro Exposition Park, Serdang (MAEPS) which is really secluded (quite straightforward to get there though)! Luckily Teeny has been to that area before and we reached the party on time. *mental victory dance*

The moment we reached, I frantically called Pinky who gave me the VIP tickets: “Pinky, we don’t know where to park!” She then calmly told me that there is valet service for all guests. All I can think then was, Johnnie Walker, you sure know to treat your guests!

There already was a crowd when we reached the entrance.

As Johnnie Walker is the global partner of Formula One™ team VMM, Jenson Button, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes™ F1™ driver, was present at that night too! That would explain the crowd.

So cute. *shy* And socially responsible too! He advocates responsible drinking by signing the JOHNNIE WALKER® “" signature wall to pledge to Never Drink and Drive.

One of the first things we did was to take a picture with the photo op wall at the black carpet (word pun!).

But we quickly got distracted by this smoky business going on at the end of the carpet:

Magic was happening at the experimental bar (aptly named the BLACK FLAVOR LAB), where Johnnie Walker whisky was mixed with an interesting ingredient—green coconut! With a cup of an intriguing mix of dry ice, coconut juice and obviously, Johnnie Walker Black Label in our hands, we continued our march down the carpet.

And got distracted by this! Chocolate truffles. Cue a symphony in our mouths. Whisky in one hand, and chocolates in the other, we definitely felt like queens, hehe.

Next stop was the luxurious GOLD CELEBRATION BAR featuring JOHNNIE WALKER® Global Brand Ambassador, Tom Jones, who introduced the rich, smooth and creamy flavours of the JOHNNIE WALKER® GOLD LABEL RESERVE™.

When we stepped into the Black Circuit Lounge, DJ Nadine Ann Thomas was already at the decks. I’ve met her once before in an event, and she was really friendly and nice, but who would have thought she would be so talented in DJ-ing as well!

Hosts for the night, Dominic Lau and Thanuja Ananthan then stepped on stage to welcome the VIP guests to the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge. I was distracted by her shiny legs under the spotlight.

Really love Teeny’s make-up that night! You know she is in for a party when she pulls out the false eyelashes, haha.

Black and gold.

Some random pictures:

Wall deco.

As you can see, I was really fascinated by the dry ice and smoke.

Outfit for the night.

Colored lights make me wanna dance, whee!

Guess who I saw there! One of my models for AZORIAS, haha. Nat with her boyfriend, Josiah (winner of Cleo’s Bachelor) and Fay Hokulani. But I forgot to take a picture with her. *smacks forehead*

Free flow!

Celebrity sightings:

Hannah Tan, Reshmonu and Nadine Ann Thomas.

Hannah Tan, Dominic Lau , Jenson Button, Leng Yein, Thanuja Anandthan and Alex Yoong at the ‘Join the Pact’ wall—one of Johnnie Walker’s emphasis on responsible drinking

I saw Andrea Fonseka there, who is really stunning in real life!

More fun juice.

Taken from the official Johnnie Walker Facebook page.

There were also these really cool photobooths all over the lounge—you snap a photo (silly poses optional) and it is then immediately uploaded onto your Facebook! Too cool.

One of my favorite parts of the night—Johnnie Walker + coconut sorbet!

Step 1: Add a scoop of coconut sorbet into your glass.

Step 2: Add Johnnie Walker Black Label (15ml is the recommended amount, but you can always add more ;) ).

Step 3: SERVE IT!

This was seriously so yummy. After the dainty dips into the coconut sorbet, we then just down the melted sorbet + whisky (taught by a clever friend)!

Johnnie Wlker advocates responsible drinking, hence there were these “Winners Always Stay In Control” games of dexterity! I didn’t fare too well—I think I just have very bad hand-eye coordination FML.

Outfit details:

Black backless romper with crochet trimmings: Holiday in Bangkok
Gold metal collar: Korea
Black pumps with tortoiseshell heels: Topshop
Gold shell clutch: Accessorize

Here’s a video of the night:

And some behind the scene/ teasers for the night:

You can also view more details of the night on the official FB page.

Johnnie Walker, you sure know how to throw a party. And as Johnnie Walker continually innovates to bring exciting new consumer experiences to the Black Circuit Lounge, you can bet that the next party is going to be an awesome one as well. WE WILL BE BACK to Step Inside The Black Circuit Lounge!

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