Wednesday, April 04, 2012


I am away again!

Hints of my whereabouts:

(These are old pictures from last year btw!)

Three guesses where I am, but no prizes for correct answers. :P


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These short clips that I shared some time ago are creating quite a bit of buzz....

Ultimately, it could be caused by any of these following scenarios!

1) Possibility 1

2) Possibility 2

3) Possibility 3

But if you click here and watch the finale video, you'll find that it was all a misunderstanding! Haiyoh.

Which could have easily been avoided if they have just made a call. All that trouble for nothing, when a call, which practically cost next to nothing can solve the entire problem. I always prefer calling someone as opposed to texting/ emailing/ chatting online, because too much can be interpreted wrongly when it's just text. And whenever I am overseas like now, what I enjoy most everyday is calling the boyfriend and being silly with him over the phone. :)

I don't have to do it this time though! The boyfriend is here with me! Hehe. This is a semi-work/play trip. I promise more updates soon! :)

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ally said...

I know where *blows on fingernails

Anonymous said...

Love that mint coat of yours!

Guess: korea?

:) Happy holidays... its so well deserved!


Winnie said...

Is it easy to travel in korea not knowing any korean? Is English generally used there?

revel in me said...

ally: Nyehehe, how much damage did you do on Monday! :P

helen: Thanks dear, that's really sweet of you! And YES, you're right! :P

winnie: It'll be quite difficult! Generally koreans don't speak english, unless you are at a tourist area!