Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Phone issue.

Guys, I am not happy.

I was waiting forever for Instagram for Android to be launched (I use a BB, but I have a Samsung Galaxy tab), and imagine how elated I was this morning to find that it is finally launched!

I was so excited that I even brought my tab to work so that I can download the app in the office. So excited that I remembered my tab, but I forgot my laptop charger. #FAIL -___-

Anyway, as Murphy's law goes... Instagram for Android IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH MY TAB. FML x 10000000


I really want Instagram! :( Also, my BB has been giving my a lot of problems (the phone always hang, it restarts itself for no reason..) despite being almost brand new (I got it in Oct last year). Sooooooo, I've been contemplating to switch to an Iphone. Or rather, to get an Iphone, trade in my new BB, and maintain another line with my old BB (Bold 2 still rocks my socks).


Ok abruptly switch topic to outfit pictures.

Decided to be cheeky and wore a dainty anklet thingy. :)

Printed pussybow top with leather shoulders: AZORIAS
Green shorts: Zara
Leather woven braid worn as bracelet: Equip, Australia
Enamel bangle: F21
Rings: Korea/ Thrifted/ H&M
Gold shell anklet chain: ASOS
Nude pumps with gold heel: Zara
Green envelope clutch: Teeny's

Okay abruptly go back to the topic of phones again wtf. WHAT SHOULD I DO?? New phone? Switch phone? Two phones?

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Anonymous said...

I am having the same problem now. My BB hang often so i changed to my old Iphone. But i miss my BB! Sentimental!

Anonymous said...

GET THE IPHONE. You wouldn't regret it! Esp if you like photography :)

Mei said...

iPhone! I've been with my iPhone for 2 years +, no regrets! (like in a


yeah, instagram is make me want to having i phone so bad too <33

But, i still can't go without my blackberry HAHA

Anonymous said...

i bought a samsung galaxy s2! (not the tab, it's an android) Cheaper than an iphone, sturdier screen (youtube videos about drop tests) and bigger screen :D Does not have instagram but has similar filters that you can download like camera360

Joshua said...


Can you help me get the green envelope thing T.T

I SUPER LOVE IT! (in navy or tan also can, or mustard).

Su said...

Instagram is compatible with the Samsung galaxy S2. It's an awesome phone! Have absolutely no compains, and if you're already used to your tab, the S2 shouldn't be a problem for you. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

you always have the most awesome accessories collection to date! like seriously, especially love the dainty anklet :)

and yes, get an iPhone. it's the best and most worthy investment that i've ever made. no regrets at all!

xiang yun said...

My BB also does the same to where it reboots itself over and over again. I always say my phone is to smart it has a mind of its own (smartphone wtf lame..) I wanna switch to iPhone too but I can't live without BBM :( btw, random switch of topic, I'm wetting myself looking at your accessories!!!!!!!!! homaigah!

Anonymous said...

There's instagram on the SGS2 now. :)

Eve said...

i have same problem, now using bb and iphone. But i notice im ignoring my bb more and more... Before this i was a crackberry!

Anonymous said...

just get an iphone and forget about bb.

skim said...

Yes!! You have the best accessories!!! Even Rachel Zoe would DIE if she saw your accessory collection.

Joce said...

Hey i thought u r using the tab 10.1? Im using it too and im able to install instagram..

Anonymous said...

iphone! you won't regret it :D and do you know why jing isn't updating her blog anymore? i miss reading her bubbly posts :(

blaqmagik said...

Get the iPhone! I have over 12 photography apps and the top 2 is of course instagram and lens+. It takes nice outfit pics with effects that looks professional and it saves the trouble of bringing an slr out all the time. I still have my BB bold with me though:)

revel in me said...

Thank you everyone for your suggestions! I *think* I know what to do now. :P Stay tune for it, haha!