Friday, April 13, 2012

Seoul 2011: Samcheongdong.

Since I've already posted some pictures from my Korea trip in Oct last year here, I thought I would continue with it!

Outside Shinsegae near Nambu Bus Terminal. The boyfriend commented on my crotch-grazing height, but I ignored him wtf.

I get a lot of emails asking me to recommend places to go in Korea, well, now I will let you guys know about one of my favorite places in Seoul-- Samcheongdong!

Random florists.

Korea rice cake ('tok') with red bean filling.

Lately I've been toying with the idea of snipping my hair short(er), long bangs, middle-parting and soft waves! Kind of like this poster. I snapped a picture of this beer poster to add into my inspiration folder wtf.

Pretty valet booth!

Skull lamps haha.

Samcheongdong is filled with cafes! I especially love al fresco cafes.

I forgot the name of this Korean pancake we had! But it's supposedly meant for couples to eat, and during winter, you put the pancake directly onto the couple's hands respectively to keep warm, and they will share one piece between the both of them.


Sheer lace slip: Zara
Nude shorts (underneath): Cotton On
Mint blazer: Korea
Tassel pendant necklace: Korea
Oxfords with pleated details: Korea
Bag: Miu Miu

Captivated by details.

We had coffee and waffles here.

Took a lot of shots of window displays to seek inspiration for AZORIAS' pop-up store in MOFEW last year.

This is the president's house! Apparently the boyfriend tried to make the security guard laugh HAHAHA. I didn't witness it 'cause I was busy shopping in Jil Sanders warehouse nearby wtf.

Love the idea of having coffee al fresco on a balcony!

I spied little wooden cat decorations on a window pane.

Taking breather outside a Korean restaurant. Everything is very quaint and charming at Samcheongdong!

Mocha and good company and beautiful weather. :)


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Miss Nobody said...

This is the favourite outfit of yours that I like!! love the colour of blazer and the lace dress!

Anonymous said...

Love the lace slip! It adds such depth and very, very sexy :)

I love quaint cafes too. And glad to have you share that with us. one day, i will definitely get myself to Korea :)

Till then, more gorgeous pictures and updates please. noticed you are blogging less these days.


Wow, nice trip <3

revel in me said...

miss nobody: Hehe, thank you, I am absolutely in love with the mint color too! Everytime I see my blazer my heart still jumps hehe.

anonymous: Glad that you enjoy the post! <3 Work has been really crazy, but I will definitely try hard to juggle the blog and work! :)

cindy: Yep it certainly was! :)