Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Vow.

Guys, I've been letting myself go.

I am not referring to gorging on food and/or not hitting the gym religiously, though the two aforementioned examples are true wtf.

I am talking about dressing up! I've been really slacking off in terms of my appearance when I go to work-- I am talking about bare-faced, tees and jeans or maxi dresses. When I was working in Singapore, I used to wish fervently everyday that I could be in a job that allows me to wear whatever I want, but now that I actually can, I dress like a slob. -__-

I need to do something about it, because I have this huge wardrobe of really beautiful clothes, but they don't get any love from me wtf. And not dressing up makes me feel like I am a pale shadow of myself. *drama queeen*

I don't know what will make me wake up half an hour earlier each day to dress up!! Force myself to document daily outfits on the blog? Schedule meetings everyday that requires me to meet people?

Anyway, we made the first step by making a vow:

Let's see how this will work out. Or if it even does. -_-

In a totally related"vow" note WTF, I went to watch The Vow recently! I've been dying to watch the movie since I caught the trailer last year:

I even refused to watch with the boyfriend despite his offers. He always laugh at the when I cry during movies. T__T Instead I went with someone who hopefully will cry as much as me wtf, i.e. Teeny.

Lazy outfit for the cinema:

Messy topknot and geeky specs and my favorite slouchy shirt. I like clothes with a twist (i.e. the slanted hem for this shirt) because you can dress very simply and yet you look like you put a lot of thought into your outfit wtf.

Super love these flats! Like I said, I always like things with a twist. I was sold on the gold chainlink ankle straps and the cute bow at the side.

Orange polka dot shirt with slanted hem: AZORIAS
Black long-sleeved top: Korea
Denim shorts: Valleygirl, Australia
Pearl choker: Jing's
Black flats with chainlink ankle-straps: Korea
Bag: Miu Miu

Unfortunately though, the movie was a disappointment. :( It had SO much more potential to be a massive tearjerker. The only immense emotion I felt during the movie was my awe at how pretty Rachel McAdam is (she is so much prettier when she is blond though!). She is my favorite actress, by the way. She and Emma Stone does funny things to my stomach.

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xiang yun said...

The movie was a disappointment right!! I was SO sold by the trailer and Channing Tatum wtf but alas, I didn't even shed a tear during the movie. My movie-buddy said it's a straight to DVD kind of movie and I kinda agree. I like your messy top knot btw, so effortless but I never know how to tie it that way -__-

Anonymous said...

Hi Hui Wen have you thought of creating a formsprings account? :D

revel in me said...

xiang yun: YESS when I saw the trailer I noted it down as a must-see, and I purposely went to see the movie when I was PMS-ing to maximize the tearjerker effect WTF. But I didn't shed tear too. -_- And haha, my bun is super unpro wan! I tie a ponytail with a rubberband first, then twist it around in a bun form and then secure again with another rubberband. :)

anonymous: I considered a long time ago, but now that everyone has jumped on the bandwagon, I don't wanna do it *hipster wtf* Jokes aside, thank you for thinking that people will actually want to ask me questions! I am quite swarmed with work now, so I don't think I will have the time to manage a FS account properly, but hopefully when my workload eases, I can do something about this. :)