Friday, April 27, 2012

Kimchi fries.

My love for fries is through the roof.

In fact, I am going to confess something right now.
Every now and then (i.e. every 2 days wtf) I will go onto McDonald's FB page to check whether the McShaker fries are re-launched WTF.

My love and me:

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My love for McShaker fries go back to 2007.Link

Back in 2010, with the orange cheesy McShaker.

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My favorite fries in Melbourne.

I love 'em fries, and they love me back (with love-handles WTF).

But during my Seoul trip recently, I came cross THE WORLD'S MOST AMAZING FRIES.
Mmm Mmm.


Let's start from the beginning, okay? :)

It all started because the boyfriend and I went to Itaewon, Seoul to do some boring banking stuff. Itaewon is the 'foreigner town' of Seoul; the moment you step out of the subway station, you see a lot of Caucasians and people who are not yellow-skinned wtf.

I get this question a lot-- "do Koreans speak English?". Well, most of them don't, but in Itaewon, there's a high chance that you should be able to get around fairly easily because foreigners are expected to hang around there. There are also a lot of international cuisines served there, as opposed to the rest of Seoul (where it's mainly dominated by Korean restaurants).

The boyfriend did some research, and he wanted to try this place called Vatos which supposedly serves fusion tacos (think Korean barbecued meat tacos). However, we went around and around and just couldn't find the place! Just when we were bout to give up and just resort to eating at a random Italian place, we managed to leech onto a cafe's wifi (Dunkin Donut, for the record) and found a map.

Thanks to the boyfriend's amazing sense of direction, within a few minutes, we found ourselves outside Vatos!

We were quickly served with some nachos and really yummy dips! The red one is the standard salsa, but the green one has a fiery chilli zing to it, and they both go really well together.

And I also love the restaurant's owners/workers' accent. *shy* They are all American-born Koreans, and according to the articles the boyfriend read, they are from Los Angeles. I've a huge soft spot for American-born Asians, so the whole time I was just giggling at their accents wtf.

Mango Margarita! It was a HUGE glass considering it was only afternoon.

And this, everyone, is the most amazing fries IN THE WORLD.

*pause for effect*


With sour cream and salsa, and onions and peppers and and kimchi, and chunks of perfectly barbequed lightly shredded pork, and a dash of red spicy (chili?) powder...

I've never tasted fries so yummy before.
I swear, my tongue was singing the entire time. Scratch that, every part of me was singing!!!
How could anything taste so good? How could everything blend in so well together!!!

Samgyeopsal (barbequed pork belly) taco. This was quite yummy,but I prefer my pork belly too be slightly more moist.

This was reminiscent of the kimchi fries' glory! This taco was laden with the same perfectly grilled pork chunks in the fries... LOVE IT!

We also has a grilled lime prawn taco which I forgot to take pictures of.

One more picture of the yummy kimchi fries. SO GOOD that it left this delicious aftertaste in my mouth for the rest of the day. How wonderful is THAT??

Click here for Vatos' website. The place isn't cheap though, the entire meal cost us 55k won (almost RM150) I think? The fries alone cost 12k won (about RM30++). But I would pay 55k won JUST FOR THE FRIES, that's how much I love it! :D

Since this blog post is so food-oriented, I am going to post an outfit teaser picture-- full outfit details will be in another post.

This photo is also uploaded on Instagram, find me on it! My username is @revelinme. :)

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Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! Now you make me want to go back to Seoul and look for this place.

Anonymous said...

You're right. The fries looked soooo good! *hungry*

mizzvickz said...


yishyene said...

I TOTALLY DROOLED READING THIS!!!!!! (but luckily it was all contained within my mouth)

Go to korea with me someday?


mustardqueen said...


revel in me said...

anonymous: There's always next trip! :P

anonymous: It's the BEST!

mizzvickz: They haunt my dreams. :(

Y: HAHHAHAHHA I am glad it's contained wtf. Yes, in exchange if you be my Europe tour guide! :D

mustardqueen: If I tapao it will be fermented fries already wtf

Kim L said...

OMG the kimchi friessssss !! It looks so yummmmmmm! Love how you built up the story about the fries lol! :)

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Mei said...

You are making me hungry >.< Will definitely drop by this restaurant if I am in Seoul!

revel in me said...

kim L: It is GODSENT! To be honest, I could have gone on and one about my love for fries. :P

mei: You must! The restaurant owners are quite cute too hehehe